Friday, January 07, 2005

Crazy Sukai and His Trout Flan

Ok, so lately I've been watching a lot of the food network. It has made me realize that food is not something that is pre-determined. It seems that cooking is an art form that I really had missed. Yesterday, I saw Iron Chef Sukai make a trout flan. What the hell is that about? Really, its about creativity. I think I'll be taking this "art" form a bit more seriously.

Anyway, the last two days have sucked here in the Endless Mountains. Its been nice to see the snow, but then it just kind of melts away and becomes slush. However now that it has dropped below freezing again for the night, it will be ice. Nasty stuff. Especially when our 4 wheel drive is out of commission. Also, my car was damaged last week in the snow and is now out of commission until we get it fixed.

I've been having a good time designing websites though, and that keeps me occupied. I now have 5 or 6 designs currently under construction. Seems all the tax accountants we singed up with our company decided not to give us their information until the last minute.

On a political note. I think it is disgusting what the Democrats are doing right now with the new Attorney General. (Gonzalez) If you didn't know, they found some kind of bogus crap that 'proves' that he was the one who caused the prisoner abuse in Abu Ghraib, Iraq. YEAH RIGHT. So now they are grilling him on his senate confirmation hearing, but they can't stop it. Also the liberal media is fighting alongside them. There were about 12 front page stories today in the major newspapers across the country. Also, CNN,ABC,NBC,CBS,PBS, are all covering the "torture supporter" Gonzalez. All they want to do is try to embarrass the administration. Its complete crap. They are seething with rage that the president won, and so handily. Today even, some house democrats tried to block the election certification of Pres. Bush. They were also joined apparently by Barbara Boxer, a democratic senator from California. Do they not realize how much they are actually hurting their party by participating in this kind of shenanigans? Senator John Kerry had the decency not to support them. I may not agree with him, or thought he should be president, but at least he's a decent human being. Also, to be I don't know that Gonzalez is perfect. He might completely suck. But give the guy a chance.

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