Monday, January 24, 2005

My Favorite Entertainment

In an effort to keep some variety going here, I'm going to mix things up a bit. Tonight I'm going to write about entertainment, and what I think is the best out there at any given time during the day/week.

First thing in the Morning (Daily)

Television: In my opinion, the best morning show out there while getting ready for work is Fox and Friends on the Fox News Channel. Forget the regular networks. They suck. The Fox and Friends people will say whatever they want, whenever they want. They're hillarious sometimes, unlike what happens on the Today Show or Good Morning America. Plus, you get the best news coverage around. FoxNews trounces all other news agencies. Start your day off right. Daily: 6am - 9am

Later morning:

Radio: Laura Ingraham Show. For my conservative friends, listen to Laura if you want to hear some of the funniest political humor around. She's an everything show with a conservative slant. Over the last couple months, I've really taken a liking to her way of doing things and found her show extremely entertaining. Even my lib friends might find it entertaining, if they don't throw the radio through the wall first.

Noon - 3pm:

Radio: Everything stops. The doctor of democracy: Rush Limbaugh, is on. No matter what your political persuasion, you should listen to him. This man has single handedly changed the political landscape in this country. Everyone - Presidents, Congressman, Newsmakers, Corporate Execs, Conservatives, Liberals, Foreign leaders, and little peons like us listen to him every day. He is entertaining, enraging, engaging, enlightening, adn enigmatic. He will piss you off, and he will make you laugh. But he is almost always right. (98.7%, or whatever the updated figure is, and yes there is a running tally)


Radio: Sean Hannity show. You'll notice that I listen to a lot of talk radio. Its because when I'm at work there is no TV. But don't let that fool you. Talk radio is awesome. I'd listen either way. Sean Hannity's show is different from Rush and Laura because he has lots of guests on. Big time guests. Any given day, you can tune in and he'll have a big name on. For instance, one day he might have the Vice President on, and the next he'll have some big rock star. Its fun and entertaining.

Early Primtime (right after dinner TV)

TV: If its 7pm and the TV's on, I'm watching Seinfeld. Even after all these years, its the best sitcom on television hands down. I shouldn't even have to explain why. If you like the show, you know why. Its in-freakin-credible.


TV: This is a tough timeslot. There are so many good shows. I'll pick three. The O'Reilly Factor (FoxNews) is the best political show on television. Why? Because unlike other shows, this show gets things accomplished. Once its over, you feel like you have a firm grasp on a situation. Not like other shows where the guests just bitch at each other. Also, he doesn't let anyone 'spin' an issue. (ahem, look at the title of this blog) You'll get the "No Spin Truth". Another show at 8pm is American Idol. Gotta love this show. If you haven't watched before, start now because it just began a new season. This show is pure entertainment. You can't help but love it. Another reality show is the Apprentice. This show is really inventive, and watching the contestants do the tasks is really neat. Its worth a watch or a reminder on your Comcast Digital Cable. Its definitely one of the best shows on TV.

Late Night Entertainment:

TV: Iron Chef (Food Network). This is the show that revolutionized food tv. I love it for its campiness and entertainment value. They make it look so serious. Its great.

TV: The late night shows, like Letterman and Leno. These are good if you have nothing else to watch. Definitely high quaility. But they almost seem too pre-packaged. Conan in my opinion is better than these guys because he still seems to have a little bit of spontenaity to his show.

At any given moment:

Up to the second news (literally the fastest news service out there: I check it about 100 times a day.

Any Law and Order episode, a good book, The British House of Commons: Prime Minister's Questions (hillarious, trust me), MTV Stuff, G4:TechTV, Halo 2 on Xbox Live, a great movie...the list goes on and on! But its all great.

Before I post the next thing, go ahead and tell me what some of your favorite entertainment is. Leave a comment if you have time and your name, so I know who you are! :-)


Anonymous said...

I too like to listen to radio shows. I usually have a chance encounter with them in the car, so my listening was sporadic, but I enjoyed what I could get. Live at the World Cafe is very entertaining because David Dey (sp?) has conversations with very talented singer/songwriters, of every variety, famous and unknown, or a little of both (he had Minnie Driver on the other day to promote her new album). It gives people a chance to listen to artists who would normally be swallowed up with the rest of the competition, or to discover how or why an album came to be. I also like to listen to Fresh Air on NPR, because it is among the lighter fare with interviews of people who are involved in all aspects of society, politicans, authors, journalists, actors, etc and I always end up learning something new when listening to this show.
As for TV...HBO, HBO, HBO. The most entertaining place on Televison. Especially because it is On Demand, I can watch most of the shows, like Curb your Enthusiaum, The Sopranos, Six Feet Under and Sex and the City. If I have not gotten around to watching one of their shows, but I know it's totally worth it, like Carnivale, I can still watch it!
Even though I am not a huge fan of sitcoms, one of the funniest shows out there, with new episodes every week and is syndicated is That 70's Show. I laugh out loud nearly every time I watch it. Seinfeld is great too.


Anonymous said...

I agree with Marisa. Hands down, HBO has the best TV. Best dramas (Their new show Carnivale is exceptional), Best Comedies (I am currently watching Curb on DVD right now before work), and Best Movies (Angels in America. . .i need not say more), and more! I don't think I can live without HBO.

In other TV, I think the best shows are: ER, The Apprentice, Real World (no matter how bad it gets, I cant stop watching), Big Brother, American Idol, Smallville, Jack and Bobby (best new network show), Will and Grace, Committed (new show, pretty good, my roomates brother is the main guy. . .the good roomate that is). Of course Iron Chef is also sweet, as are the TLC design shows (trading spaces, in a fix, etc.)

As for talk radio, I can't stand it. (Cant Stand Ya!)
Occasionally XPN will have rufus or some other awesome person on, but otherwise I could care less. It puts me to sleep. I rarely listen to the radio as it is, so talk radio is definately out.

Halo 2 is sweet.

Anonymous said...

Top Favorites (in no particular order):

Law & Order - during the days of Lenny, rocked.
Law & Order: SVU - My favorite L&O series.
Sex and the City - Saw every episode.
Medium - Good new show.
Scrubs - Always makes me LOL.
The WB: One Tree Hill (a real Favorite), Gilmore Girls (quite whitty), What I Like About You (Amanda Bynes is Hot!!)

Daytime TV has some perks, but it really is a whole different world compared to prime time. Regis and Kelly, The View, Dr. Phil and Oprah are usually a good time and my personal preferences depending on the topics and what else there is for me to do.

I despise Halo 2 and XBox live. And Final Fantasy XI, online. What I find to be cool is Xavix. Check out for more info, but its like a video game that requires getting yer butt off the couch. My arm still hurts from playing tennis last night on the xavix. Whoo hoo.


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