Tuesday, January 04, 2005

My Healthy V8 Addiction

Over the past several days, I have developed what I believe to be a healthy V8 addiction. Lord knows why this has happened. But I can't stop drinking the stuff. Morning, noon, and night - lemon twist and regular. I guess its better than drinking soda and sugary teas. With every $1.29 bottle, I get two full servings of vegatables. But thats just during the day. At night when I come home, I am able to have more with the big bottle in the fridge.

But they didn't have V8 tonight at the restaurant. Tonight I ate at a place in Dickson City (Scranton - for all my out of town friends) called Le Thai. Its a French Thai cuisine restaurant. It was really great. The highlight was my Lemongrass Soup. It was amazing. I recommend it to anyone in the area, or anyone visiting NEPA.

As for the news today. There was more tsunami news; and it looks like the Bushies and Clintonistas have joined forces in raising PRIVATE money to help victimes of the tsunami. Remember: America's money power lies in the hearts and wallets of its citizens, not in the pen of a legislator.

Also seemingly everywhere is this rumor about the new iMac (sub $500) from Apple supposedly coming out. I read it on MacRumors (on this very iBook) and thought I was all cool for knowing about it as soon as the story broke. But seemingly everyone I know who likes computers has heard of this thing and are completely stoked for it. Judging by how fast this word of mouth has passed, I'm willing to bet Apple will not be able to keep this thing on the shelf if the rumors are true.

Qui non proficit deficit...

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