Friday, January 07, 2005

No Leadership Retreat for Matt This Year...or the next...

Today is the start of Province 27's Winter Leadership Retreat. I'm pretty bummed that I'm not going because it is the first one I've missed in a long time. I've been to last 5 and taught at the last 3. My time was up however, and I had to step aside. I have no doubt though in the skills of the new team. They are great guys and have enough experience to go on. That is one of the fantastic things about our province. Leadership transfers so well in 27. I think this retreat is one of the reasons.

Looking back on my experiences with Sinfonia (so far), I can say that my time as an active brother had its ups and downs, but was truly blessed. I had the opportunity and the time to take advantage of almost everything Sinfonia had to offer. I believe Ilived every role - Probationary Member, Secretary, President, Webmaster, and Collegiate Province Representative and more to its fullest extent. (with the slight exception of alumni secretary ;-) ) Now is my time to fill my duties as an alumni member. Living out here in the boonies though, doesn't lend itself too well to that. I'll have to find a way.

When western sun is sinking,
And the stars begin to shine,
And my heart is reminiscing
Of the memories divine.

Then I think of Ol' Sinfonia
And the good old days gone by,
When shadows fall I hear you call
Out of the eastern sky.

(Sinfonia Alumni Song)

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