Monday, January 03, 2005

The U.S. is not Stingy

Last week, one of the worst disasters in our time hit several countries along the Indian Ocean. Several of these countries such as Thailand and India are great friends of the United States. With the body count rising and the waters still receding, the attacks on the USA are already coming. We have been called 'stingy' by a U.N. undersecretary for development. That official has since retracted his statement, but Pres. Bush thankfully hit him back. Another european politician said that Americans WANT to be taxed more so that our government can donate more money to overseas development. Thats crap. The truth is that while America has its political enemies everywhere in the world, we are the most generous country in it. We donate more money than any other country. When a country needs saving, we're there. When they need feeding, we airlift supplies there. We protect our allies like we do our own borders. Also, not only has our government given money problems throughout the world, our people do as well. The American money power of private donations is felt everywhere. So why do other countries and U.N. officials come down so hard on us about these types of issues?

Its because "America" works. Thats right, it does. The European economy is in the toilet. The taxes there are so high, you can't flush your toilet with being taxed. The reason is that Socialism does not work. Our economy is so powerful because people here have the right to choose what they do with their money much more freely than they do. In many of those countries (even ones deemed as "free"), the governments pay for everything. Sure free health care, free everything sounds great, but just go ahead and try to get ahead, try being personally successful. Its nearly impossible. Here, its hard, but its very possible. Thats why its called the American Dream. They are jealous. They'll say anything and use any opportunity to take a stab at us.

Their views are based around the idea that people and society cannot survive without the omnipresent government. America is founded on the idea of limited government, or the idea that too much government is a hiderance on our freedom. (see: Bill of Rights, Federalist Papers) So, when you hear other countries say that we are stingy, or that America doesn't pump out enough money, just think about all those private donations coming from people like you and me, that just want to help a poor ravaged nation get back on its feet after a horrible disaster.

"America is too great for small dreams" - Ronald Reagan

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