Thursday, January 27, 2005

Ya'll Got Me All Fired Up!

For many of you, you'll probably turn on the TV this week or take a look at or whatever your news source and see what you think are the week's headlines. Most likely you'll see things like this: "President Bush Urges Iraqis to vote despite growing insurgency" or "Insurgents Threaten Likely Iraqi Voters", "Will Iraqi Vote Be Considered Legitimate", "Democrats take Hard Line Against Misleading Administration Policies", "Condi Rice confirmed as Sec. of State despite staunch critisism of administration role." THESE ARE NOT THE BIGGEST STORY OF THE WEEK. This is liberal/media bullshit. I'm sorry to use such strong words in my blog, but its the truth - and its got me all fired up.

On Sunday, the Iraqi people will vote in free elections. The significance of this event is such that I shouldn't have to write any more, but I will. The media has been putting the focus on the election, but not really. If you look at some of the headlines I listed above, you can see there is a definite media bias in those lines. The headlines all want you to focus on the violence and the terrorists, not the new found freedom of the Iraqi people. You see, we are SUPPOSED to fail according to the media. That's a big part of how we lost Vietnam. Yes, you read that right, the no spin truth is that America lost its faith in the cause and the military and we lost the war because of the media. (also, the South Vietnamese did not fight for their own freedom.) The media, like any other part of society, desires to be powerful. They want to once again bring down the United States or at least the GOP. That is very evident in what happened with 60 Minutes and Dan Rather during the campaign. (Google: Dan Rather and National Guard)

This week, Condoleeza Rice had her senate confirmation hearings to be Secretary of State. Some, but not all, of the Democrats took the opportunity to bitch about the war. Lead by wench senator Barbara Boxer (who used the confirmation hearing as a fundraiser, -no, really-) , she grilled and completely disrespected Dr. Rice. During Senate confirmation hearings, they ask questions - but not really. See, in any senate hearing, during the questioning a senator will basically make all of the points they want you to agree with, and then ask you the questions they already answered for themselves. If you don't agree with the Senator's predisposed point of view, its as if you have committed a mortal sin. This happens on both sides of the aisle. I make no distinction on this point between the GOP and the Democrats. The reason is because some Senators see themselves as the new Roman Senate. (more no spin truth) This stupid woman came at Condi with a bunch of crap and false facts from newspapers and other news media. Condi stood her ground. She was confirmed today.

The Democrats in this instance new that they were going to be on 24/7 news channels every day of the confirmation hearings, and that this debate would be covered by all the news media. Condi Rice is the most powerful black women -ever-. Of course this was going to be covered. They used this "event" as a platform to denounce the war. My advice for Democrats follows below:

Stop bitching about the reasons we went to war. By doing so, you insult the 15 million Iraqis who are going to vote on Sunday. No matter how much you bitch, it will not change the fact that we are already fighting for Iraqi freedom. Bush will not get 'unelected' no matter how loud your voice. We've already freed 2 nations and 40 million people. Isn't that something liberalism would cherish? Liberals should be holding celebration marches on the mall in Washington if they were true to their namesake! The best thing you can do is to get on board and PROMOTE what we are doing in Iraq. Genuinly support what we are doing for freedom and help make the situation better. For heaven's sake WE ARE FREEING PEOPLE!

"But Matt," you say, "I don't mind their freedom, I just think war is wrong." Here's an undeniable truth: Ours is a world governed by the agressive use of force. (-Rush Limbaugh) War, no matter how horrible it is, has solved a LOT of problems for us. I'll name a few: Slavery, Taxation without Representation, Nazism, Facism, Dictatorships, rape and torture rooms, religious persecution, mass graves, and of course, the Holocaust. War has caused many problems too. But wars fought for noble causes and by noble people will bring a just and lasting peace. Again, the no spin truth.

Great leaders realize this and only go to war as a last resort. If you don't think the Iraq war was a last resort, I challenge you to read the 17 years of U.N. Resolutions and to follow the Oil for Food scandal in the press....

But I digress... This whole thing is no longer about the war. Its no longer about WMDs or prisoner abuse or anything like that. Our focus now should be on lines and lines of Iraqi men and women voting. It is now about the bravery of the Iraqi people and our soldiers, standing up for what is right. In our country, the democrats went CRAZY about voter intimidation just 3 months ago. They were concerned about GOP poll watchers... Give me a break. Now they are pissed that our soldiers are there protecting the Iraqi people from killers, the ultimate voter intimidation.

So this week, say a prayer for the Iraqi voter. For the first time he is experiencing something that we've almost always taken for granted. On Sunday, he's going to vote.

"The house we hope to build is not for my generation but for yours. It is your future that matters. And I hope that when you are my age, you will be able to say as I have been able to say: We lived in freedom. We lived lives that were a statement, not an apology." - Ronald Reagan

Now, I have to clarify some of the language I've used in this blog. I have a lot of Democrat friends whom are completely awesome, and would never want to offend by any means. When I say "you democrats" please understand that I am mainly addressing the Democrats on TV and in congress, and just voicing my opinion about the party in general. If you take offense to it, I'm sorry, but there's nothing I can do. I really believe what I write. I hope everyone enjoys my blog no matter what your political persuasion.

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