Friday, February 25, 2005

The Fourth Age

Usually I get pretty excited come Oscar time, and get ready to root for my favorite movie of the year to win the big prize. But not this year. I think I've only seen 2 of the movies nominated for best picture, and the rest I had no interest in seeing. Yes, this year is the after Lord of the Rings domination. This is the year of the artsy despressing boring film. The one that you go to see and say things like "That was a good movie, but not one that I'd like to watch over and over." Last year was the end of the third age, and the end of probably the greatest trilogy of films ever made. This year the traditional dramas get to say "Hey I'm still a valid art form, pay attention to me again!" So this year, a bunch of boring films gets nominated why? Because there is nothing better out there thats worth anything. Now I'm sure some of you film buffs will probably take issue with this point of view, but eh, its my blog. :-)

The choices the film industry gave this year for best pictures are horrible. They might be good films, but they're all slow and generally boring. Million Dollar Baby, Ray, Sideways... There is no "total package" best picture this year nominated for best picture. I think thats what's missing here for me. I did like Ray. In fact, I think that movie should win best picture. But if it doesn't win, who cares?

This is the total package: (for me)

Timeless Story + Believable Characters + Good Writing + Good Acting/Directing + Action + Drama + Humor

I'm sure there are several nominations for other categories that are completely deserved, such as best actress and actor, and all the other categories. One movie that got completely jipped out of a nomination is the Passion of the Christ, for obvious reasons which its too late to go into tonight. Pithy/No Spin explanation: Upity film people wanted to see this thing fail from the start and they will be dammed to see it succeed now, much less vote for it to. (even though it did win big-time with the public)

Side note: I always thought Putin was a funny name.

Anyway, thats just my opinion.

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Anonymous said...

Finding Neverland is a complete package movie. Its not depressing, very uplifting actually, incredible acting (whether or not you like Depp as a person), visually stunning, timeless story (um, hello, peter pan), believable characters (based on real people). . .It lacks on the action side, but it has its exciting moments.

Passion. . .I think it got jipped on directing, but not best picture or acting. Farenheit 9/11 is the bigger travesty. All politics aside, its a brilliant film and should have been nominated for everything possible. I also think Garden State got way overlooked from an acting, directing, and writing standpoint. I guess we shall see on Sunday what the academy thinks.


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