Wednesday, July 20, 2005

No Spin on the Court

The Supreme Court is not a legislative body. It was not intended nor written into the constitution to be. The supreme court is not supposed to be made up of leftists and right wingingers.

A few months ago, the supreme court ruled against medical marijuana. The supporters of this treatment went crazy when their efforts failed, and many went on TV and Radio to voice their opinion. Well guess what, marijuana is illegal. The court is bound by that law, which just happens to be constitutional. And although some people and judges may think otherwise, they cannot ignore the law and rule however they want. The Court is not there to decide whether or not issues are moral. Thats your business. Congress's business is to vote on laws that people want. The judiciary makes sure everyone is following the law, and settles disputes regarding it.

You've heard we have a checks and balances system right? Some people really don't want that because they are afraid of the outcome of a fair vote on a subject. Take for example abortion. Many pro-abortion activists are terrified of the idea of Roe v. Wade being overturned because that would lead to a congressional bill on banning abortion. Now, that bill might not pass, but just the same, they are terrified it might. They don't want to take that chance, and they don't want the people to have a say in the matter.

This might be difficult to take for some, including myself, but when there is a Surpeme Court opening we shoudn't be looking for someone to promote our viewpoint. That isn't their job. We should look for a good smart judge/lawyer who knows the Constitution very well and will be able to determine whether it is being followed.

The Bench is not for deciding new laws, its for judging current ones. Making new law is for the legistlature and the President. Furthermore, it is not the right of the people to elect judges for this reason. The courts are supposed to be free from partisanship.

I know this is not the reality of the situation. Its unfortunate it has degraded into what it has. Packing the courts has become the norm, and in our current battle, tens of millions of dollars will be spent in advertising one viewpoint of another. Its really a shame.

This really is the no spin truth on the matter. My last post was very opinion based, this one was idealist. President Bush has said in the past he won't use a litmus test in appointing judges. I hope that is the case, even while personally hoping for certain outcomes from the court. It appears right now that the President has picked a great candidate.

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