Wednesday, July 20, 2005


The battle we are about to witness regarding the Supreme Court is in actuality the death throws of Democratic party. They can't win elections, so they have been exercising their power two ways: Obstructionism and Court Activism. Since they cannot achieve their will at the ballot box or in congress (because people don't vote for them), they will try to force their will by using the courts. Well guess what, elections have consequences. People vote and then the elected president gets to pick his nominees. The losers don't get to. If the President's party also happens to hold BOTH houses of congress, then the nominee will get put in place.

I am stunned by the idea that since the Republicans are in power, they should reach out to the Democrats. Poppycock. It should be them reaching out to us. They didn't coddle and appease us for their 40 year reign, which ended in 1994. What is even more stunning is that the Republicans absolutely refuse to act like a majority party. They completely cowtow to this opposition party. I am about to explain the entire Democratic strategy to you, and it won't take that long.

War: Oppose
Terrorists: Appease
Judiciary: Worship
Tax Reform: Oppose
Social Security Reform: Oppose
President's Nominee(any): Oppose
Republican speaks: Oppose
President shits: Oppose

Notice I mentioned they worship the judiciary. And they should! Every major victory in recent times has come to them via the judiciary and not through legistlation or by virtue of the people voting for them. Abortion "rights" and cases regarding freedom from religion are just two examples. For more, check out the ACLU website. You might say, what about Clinton? Well, Clinton was no success for the party - in fact, while accomplishing an amazing amount of things that add up to a complete zero in the history records, he also managed to reign over the period of time in which his party lost the legistlature for the first time in over 40 years. Thats right, for those of you who don't know - the Democrats never lost the House from the 1950s until 1994.

Not even 5 minutes after the announcement was made John Roberts was going to be the nominee, there was already opposition. Chuck Schumer was absolutely beside himself over President Bush's choice. They couldn't help but oppose anyone he put up for the job. If Jesus returned to earth, and President Bush said "Thats my man!" The dems would have immediately promoted his record of that of a racist homophobe. Mohammed though, may have actually passed the test... Perhaps they should employ the age-old phrase "Never trust a man with two first names." That oughta get John Roberts off their back.

As for the rest of their strategy, its pretty obvious the dems aren't doing so well. Since they can't win, they've tried and failed miserably to scandalize every person they possibly could. They tried to get Rush, they tried to get Arnold, they tried to get Guiliani, they tried to get Cheney, they tried the War in Iraq, and they actually got Trent Lott to step down, but failed to win back the house or senate. All this scandal and they still fail miserably. They have journalists help to boot! In most countries the media controls the public opinion, but apparently not here thank the Lord. Just keep throwing mud on the wall and lets hope this one sticks. Guess what, this Karl Rove thing is a bunch of malarky too. Its a non-story. There is no crime. Watch as the media now tries to cover its rear-end by twisting the story. At first, they were pushing that a crime was committed. Now that its obvious there wasn't, they'll spin it a different way. Its already happening. Also, just today, Harry Reid (Democratic Senate Leader) was on TV looking completely shocked an appalled that the President said that someone actually had to have committed a crime in his administration to be fired. As if being a Republican wasn't enough...

However in the traditional "Absolutely No Spin" tradition, I offer a solution to their woes. This is how you get power back, the correct way:

Promote your ideas. Yes, that takes funding and actually having a comprehensible agenda. The Republicans keep winning becuase their ideas are positive and pro-active. People don't want to vote for negativity all the time. I'm sure in all the Democratic party, there is someone with a great idea that can actually help the American people. You might be one of those people. You might be reading this and saying, "I'm a Democrat and I don't believe half the stuff you are saying, you are stereotyping!" Problem is, nobody like you is standing up. When they do, they get hacked to bits by the party bosses. The reason is that the money, yes the money, comes from the crazy kook left wing of the party. Follow the money. The party has to raise funds, and their biggest supporters are the country's left-wing organizations. We're talking pro-abortion, pro-feminist, socialist, anti-Christian groups and a host of special interests that promote moral relativism. Those groups give most of the money to the party, leaving no room for normal well-meaning Democrats being loyal to their party. Certainly, these organizations do not match up with the majority of America, and thus the Democrats lose elections because the agenda matches the funding sources. Which in themselves don't match up most of the time and come out to a complete mess. Just last year, actually said that it "owned" the Democratic party. They were right.

As a well meaning real-person Democrat, get out there and be real with your views and promote them. Promote them positively. Come up with ideas and real plans to make them work. Right now there is no debate in Washington. What is called debate nowadays goes like this:

Republican: We need social security reform.
Democrat: Any reform is horrible.

The Republican party also gets a lot of its money from the far right crazies, but not nearly as much. Also, the Republican values actually line up with the majority of Americans right now. They aren't all angels though. They also follow the money most of the time. Its the way the system works. Maybe its time for new parties.

A solution for everyone:

Maybe its time for NO parties. That way, we wouldn't have party line votes. Lobbyists would lose their heads trying to stay in business. Things might be a little more honest too. I think this would be especially good for local elections, because then people would actually be elected on merit and not by nepotism or who runs the county or town. People in all areas would elect someone who represented them best, and not just vote for a specific party. This is a thought I have to work out in my head. If you have a comment about it, I'd really like to hear it.

So, the Dems wanted their Quagmire, and they got it. Couldn't get one in Iraq no matter how hard they promoted the idea. The Quagmire is the modern Democratic party.

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Jarred said...

Problem is the whole idea of our government has strayed from what it initially was - a representative of the population - to it's own entity...often doing things for the "big boys" (companys etc) rather than listening to the american people. If we as citizens wanted a complete reform of the way the party system worked...what do you think our chances would be? seriously? i don't see it even as a remote possibility, unless every person decided to boycott voting until they dissolved the parties.

"The whole truth is generally the ally of virtue; a half-truth is always the ally of some vice." - G.K. Chesterton