Thursday, July 14, 2005

Quick thoughts on today's news.

I'll tell you something. I'm tiring a bit hearing all the time how our war is injust. Its not. There is nothing injust about it. What so wrong about it? What, Bush lied? What would his motivation be for doing that? Are people so ignorant of the world that they don't realize who Saddam Hussein is? Honestly, three years ago, if President Bush and Tony Blair would have said, "We're going to invade Iraq because Saddam Hussein is still there." - I would have said "Huzzah! About time."

The terror attacks last week in London really showed how thin skinned the media is. Right after the attacks, the BBC had the word "terrorist" all over the airwaves and website. But a day later, the head of that organization sent out a memo saying that they were to use the word "bomber" instead because "terrorist" didn't help bring about understanding in the public. They then went back and edited all of their online stories and replaced the word "terrorist". Wow. They admit freely that they did this. Guess what, thats nice - but the "bombers" don't want understanding. They want to kill innocent people to promote their agendas. And you know what, with people like that at the BBC, it might just work. They attack, you back down. Way to go BBC - Chamberlain would be proud - Churchill not so much.

Tada! Bush's tax plan worked. The deficit is falling rapidly, and the economy is surging. Unemployment is down below 5%. This is the third time in history cutting taxes has worked to revitalize the government and the economy. Tax revenues (with lower taxes) are growing. John F. Kennedy did it, Reagan did it, and now GW Bush has succeeded. All three times have been nearly the same conditions too. America surges ahead with lower taxes and pro-business policy, while Europe slugs along slowly with high taxes and high unemployment.

This Karl Rove thing is going to blow up - in the Democrat's faces. Did you see President Bush this morning during his cabinet meeting? He almost had a little smile on his face. I think thats because he knows this isn't going anywhere. Mr. Rove didn't violate any laws (most likely), and in fact he was trying to steer the reporter away from a false story. I'll probably write more on this on a later date.

Have a great rest of the week!

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MB said...

Maybe if Bush had continued to hunt for the right people rather than going after Saddam then there wouldn't be so many "bombers" out there in the first place.

"The whole truth is generally the ally of virtue; a half-truth is always the ally of some vice." - G.K. Chesterton