Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Twelve is not Twenty, and it Certainly is not 30

We should all take a lesson. Here it is: Words mean things. If you set down a rule or a priority, it should be kept. Now, I'm sure we've all been in this situation before...

Today I ran into the grocery store to grab one item. When I had located what I wanted, I went directly to the self check-outs. Just my luck, they were being taken apart and worked on. The technician looked baffled. So I went to the express lane.

There was a long line in the lane, as many of the other lanes were also somewhat full. The lady doing the check out, god bless her, was quite old and slow. But that shouldn't matter, because there normally should not be many items to scan. Well of course, at least 2 people in line ahead of me had almost full carts worth of stuff. This is the 12 items or less lane?!

I bought ONE item and it took me over a half hour to do so. This is insane, but it happens everywhere. Find me a grocery store (or Wal*Mart) that enforces its express lane policy and I'll have my new store - and they'll have a loyal customer.

I know they don't enforce their policy so they don't offend anyone, but dammit - I'm offended that they don't. The express lane is there for a reason. We should all do our part. If the sign says "10 items or less", don't bring 11 into the line. Go to the regular line. If you have more than one of a particular item, that does not equal 1 item. I'm sorry, but it doesn't.

Help me fight this fight, my good friends. Let us be shining examples in super store retail.

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