Thursday, March 23, 2006

24, 4 Years of Chant Class, New Clothes, and a trip to the Doctor.

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Hello everyone! I've got a few topics tonight, and I'm trying to mix it up a little bit and keep all my friends reading my little blog. Thanks for sticking with me. If you like my stuff, then subscribe and leave some comments. I love getting comments.

'24 Ringtone'
So this past weekend I was in West Chester as you probably already know from my last entry. While there one of my brothers Mike showed us his new '24' ringtone. I had to have it. So yesterday I searched the internet and finally found it. Verizon unfortunately doesn't let you put midi files on your card and then save them as ringtones. I had to find a way around it. So what I did was send it to myself in a text message and then add it as a ringtone. What a hassle! These people better get on the ball if they want to make cell phones more usable. I mean, lets face it, cell phones these days are more like little computer gadgets. We need to open these things up more to allow more file manipulation. I know I could hack the phone and open it up, but I'd rather not screw with it.

Four Years of Chant Class
So last night I was listening to the "Light of the East" podcast. It is a podcast about the eastern Catholic church. They were interviewing a professor at the seminary in Pittsburgh. He definitely explained why the eastern divine liturgy's music is amazing. Its because every Byzantine Catholic priest takes 4 years of chant class, as well as weekly voice lessons. It is required at seminary. Not only the priests, but also the deacons and cantors as well. The cantor position in the Byzantine Catholic Church is considered a vocation, and not just a job for someone who can sing, or whoever will take it. The entire liturgy is sung, and the most important singer is the priest. I am completely thrilled to hear about that. I'm so glad a church takes music so seriously, and realizes the power of music to bring heaven down to earth for us, if only for an hour per week. Trust me on this one, the music is beautiful. Now I know why.

New Clothes
Tonight I got new clothes. I'm happy to report that I have graduated to yet another lower pant size! I never in a million years thought this all would happen. In the past year and a half, I've dropped a whopping 9 inches off the waist line (if you can imagine that). Well it has happened and the bank account is suffering because of it. I've had to buy all new stuff, only to have to go out 2 months later and buy all new stuff again. This is a good problem to have.

Trip to the Doctor
Today I went to the doctor. Thats about all i did today too, becuase it took me almost 4 hours. When I got to the clinic, i was about 10 minutes early. There were only 4 or 5 other people in the waiting room. I checked in and then just took my seat. A half hour went by, and then after 45 minutes, I was the only one remaining in the waiitng room. Another 25 minutes went by, and finally I asked if I could use the restroom. I returned from the bathroom only to wait another 20 minutes. At last, they called my name and I went into the little room. In the little room, there are were anatomy and medical diagrams all over the walls. I was able to read each one, including the fine print at the bottoms. Heck, I could have read them all 10 times....because I waited in the little room for another half hour. Eventually the doctor came in, declared that I was the spitting image of health, and left. Thanks, doc.

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