Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Just a little update

So my recent blog entry about the Byzantine church received a record 71 reads. Thanks everyone for taking time our of your day to read my little blog. I'm going to keep it coming as I go around and experience new things. It won't just be about the Church for sure. The world is huge, and I'd love to ultimately have a travel blog.

My friend Tim and I were discussing podcasting the other day. He suggested I get a mini-disc recorder. I could go on the road with it and record sound-seeing tours and interviews. Who knows if it would be popular. I know it would be fun to try.

Someone asked me the other day, "Why are you joining the Church?" Another asked me about the imagery used, and why it was so important in Catholic churches. Well, I can answer the question pretty simply using a familiar saying, and a picture.

"A picture is worth a thousand words."


With all the images out there, I think the most relevant and powerful modern image of Christianty is this one: (if you don't understand what this is, msg me and I'll explain it to you.

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