Thursday, March 09, 2006

Let give it another try...

This is the 4th time I have started to write a blog post in the past 2 days....lets see what comes from the tips of my fingers...

Last weekend I went to Annville, PA for the PMA Province 27 Workshop. It was pretty cool. Got to hang with some of my brothers from "around the country" that I don't see very often. So that was cool. I guess I did some teaching too about Alumni issues and how to run a successful alumni program for your chapter. That was also cool.

Ratshit, Batshit, Pinch 'em in the tit
Cocksucker, motherfucker, eat a bag o shit
We're the best fraternity
and all the others suck
Sinfonia Sinfonia! Ra boom fuck!
(given to us by Nat'l Pres. Crosby)

Wow, that is officially the worst thing I've ever put in this blog. I promise never to do that again... anyway...moving on.

So I'm pretty obsessed with 24. My good brother Kevin has lent me season's 1 and 2. I've got two more episodes left in season 2, and then I'm going to have to wait another week or two before I can borrow season 3. I hope I don't go crazy in waiting. They are all just so damn good. The non-stop action of this series is just so cool. I'm never ever satisfied by watching only one episode at a time. Last night I sat down and watched 5 episodes until I was like "Ok, Matt, its time to give it a rest." So I did...

This Sunday I'm attending a Byzantine Catholic parish in Scranton. Its going to be way different, but I guess I should know what I'm getting myself into with this whole Catholicism thing. I don't want to only know the Novus Ordo (what most people go to), or the other Latin Rites, I want the full "catholic" understanding that comes with joining the Church. Many Eastern Catholics come from the same tradition as the Orthodox. Truth be told, many Orthodox Churches today were once Eastern Catholic. The reason they switched back was because during the 1800s, unfortunately the U.S. Bishops were not very happy allowing any other rites other than the Latin. The Eastern Catholic parishes were treated very badly, and many left to join the Orthodox. Eastern Catholic priests can marry everywhere except in the USA. That is because the Bishops of the Latin Rite asked the Vatican to impose that on the easterns for the USA. yeah, things were not well... Nowadays though, things are much different. The Church is again beginning to breath with both lungs.

Somehow, someway, over the weekend I lost another 3.5lbs. I'm not complaining, but it got me thinking how the hell I did that. Strange thing is too that its actual weight loss. I haven't put it back on. Guess I should chalk it up to my complete lifestyle change. For lent I'm off soda and popcorn. I'm sure those two agents contributed greatly to me not losing as much as I could.

I've got the springtime itch. This is the first year I can remember wanting it to get warmer and to get to summer. I am usually a winter type guy, but not this year. Probably because I can't get out and exercise like I want to without bundling up like an Eskimo, it takes away my motivation. I wish it would be 60 all year long.

As far as my MySpace profile is concerned...I updated it a little today. I put in some "fancy" bulleted lists for my favorite things. I just wasn't happy with the plain text. One thing you won't see from me is music videos, clips, and sound files playing all over my profile. Thats because I'd actually like people to be able to read it. I don't know about you, but on my older iBook, Myspace is almost unusable and filled with all kinds of moving garbage all over the screen. You click on someone' s profile only to have your computer slow to a crawl, get errors all over the place, or the computer will start blasting some god-awful garbage. I've got pictures and links, with just enough interesting stuff to keep people reading it for a while. Maybe I'll include a favorite links section in the future. Who knows...but I digress....

If you are still reading this, then you definitely ARE my friend. Laf. If you are my friend, and you like the same thing I do, then I'd encourage you to go and listen once again to the Daily Breakfast with Fr. Roderick. That link will open in a new window btw, or at least it should if this MySpace editor is telling me the truth.

How about Mandisa on American Idol?! Man, she's awesome. Ok, I think its time for me to stop typing now. I kinda wanna head over to town just to get out, but who knows....I've got 2 episodes of 24 left.


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