Wednesday, March 29, 2006

A nice day so far.

Last night, after I was done working I decided that I wasn't going to be lazy and do nothing. So I cleaned my room. It took me a while and its still not exactly where I want it to be to be honest. Halfway through vacuuming the bag filled up and when I went to look for another - we were out of them. But either way, the results were definitely worth it.

This morning I woke up and wow what a difference. There is something to waking up in the morning to a clean room. It just makes you feel better, like you've really got a handle on everything. It also helps that the weather outside is great today again. I read the weather and it looks like we're going to 68¤ today. Such a perfect temperature. Any hotter than 75 though and I want to be inside with the air conditioning on.

I remain a winter person for sure, but am becoming a spring person more and more every day. I can't take the hot temperatures. It irks me that the weather people on TV all pretend like they enjoy temps above 90 and call them "a great day." Thats BS. Ninety degrees+ is a torture chamber, and certainly anything above 80 is uncomfortable. Weather people are so irritating like that. Snow = bad, but Heat = good. I guess thats because the majority of people who watch them are elderly, and wear big heavy fur coats to church in the summer because they've got the chills. I enjoy the snow!

But the time for that is over. I want the leaves to come back to life now. I can't wait to become more active as the weather improves.

Thats all for now. Later!

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