Thursday, March 30, 2006

Upsetting News from the Netherlands

Thats rights. I said upsetting news from the netherlands. For about one year now, I've been listening daily to Father Roderick, the Dutch podcasting priest from Amersfoort, Netherlands. He does an amazing podcast show, and it has helped me greatly in both my weight loss and my conversion to Catholicism. This show has been my daily motivation to get out and exercise.

Daily Breakfast - a breakfast show with fr. Roderick. The perfect way to start your day, with a 20-minute mix of music, news, movies, tv-series, videogames, history, health tips, inspiration, science fiction and more. Hosted by the Dutch catholic podcasting priest fr. Roderick.

I've mentioned him before in other blogs and other places like my Myspace account. His Daily Breakfast podcast is nearing its 100th show, and hopefully...hopefully there will be another hundred. Unfortunately, yesterday he got a call from his diocese in Utrecht to have a meeting with his diocesan vicar general. That is the person below the bishop, for those of you who do not know. Apparently, the staff...the staff...of the diocese had been talking about fr. Roderick and wanted him to immediately stop his podcasts. ARE THEY FREAKING CRAZY?! fr. Roderick reaches tens of thousands of people daily from all over the world. They just want to cut him off, because he spends a little over an hour per day of his own time working on his podcasts.

I have not been one to critisize the Church for much lately. And I'm not going to start now. This is the decision of a few hens in the hen house making trouble for someone who obviously works his butt off to reach so many.

The wierd part is that he has appeared on television with his bishop to talk about his mission. Fr. Roderick has even appeared on CNN, and whenever they mention podcasting, they use his logo. Not only that, but he has kept his bishop regularly updated and even recently got permission to do an all dutch podcast from him. The vicar said that the staff (yes, the staff - as in office ladies and lower level personnel) talked about it and he just has to stop. Fr. Roderick has asked, as is his right, to speak personally with the bishop about it. The vicar told him that was fine, but it wasn't just the bishops decision.

Like hell it isn't. In the Catholic "world", what the bishop says, goes in his diocese. There is nobody higher than him on matters of diocesan administration and pastoral duties. Obviously, there are people above him outside the diocese - but I'm strictly talking about the local authority.

I guess I'm rambling about this. But I'm pretty miffed. The sort of thing also happened to Mother Angelica while she was founding her media empire, EWTN. That network suffered more trials and tribulations than any other. It is maintained soley by private contributions, and currently reaches approx 150,000,000 households worldwide. They broadcast in all different languages too. I'm hoping the good Father can also pull himself up and keep on going.

With the priest shortages that there are, you'd think a struggling diocese would absolutely love someone spreading the ideas of the Church as far and wide as possible. So, if you want, say a prayer for him, or if you are a listener take some time and send him an email to let him know how much his show means to you. He will be taking his support letters to the archbishop on Saturday.

Take a visit to SQPN, his network, and give a listen to some of his stuff.

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