Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Assassination attempt, X3 Review, Hot Weather, and the Beginning of Summer!

Hey everyone. Been a little bit since my last post, so I figured I'd write one for today.

This past Sunday at mass while the priest was coming down the center aisle and blessing the parishoners with the holy water, we got a little surprise. He started like normal but all of a sudden there was a huge CRACK. The crack was right next to me. It turns out the priest may have tried to asssassinate either me or the person in front of me. The heavy metal top to the holy water scepter (I don't know what else to call it) flew off and nearly hit me in the head. That would have really hurt, a lot. I was all the way in the back and to the right of the church, so it flew quite a ways and with enough force to make a really loud noise when it hit the wall. What an introduction that would have made eh? If they would have had to call the ambulance or something while I sat there with a bleeding skull fracture. "Hi, I'm Matt and I'd like to be Catholic if you promise not to kill me." Anyway, I picked up the piece and the guy in front of me handed it to the altar boy who came running around to get it. The priest reattached the top and the holy water sponge and continued.

I saw X3 on Friday. It wasn't nearly as good writing or directing wise as the first two. But it was everything I ever wanted in a mutant movie! There was tons of action and special effects. One of the dissapointments of the first two for me was that the X-men really never got a chance to use their powers to the full capacity. That wasn't the case this time. Wolverine was hacking and slashing without a care, Jean Grey went completely apeshit, Storm caused enough bad weather for Al Gore to scream global warming, and there was enough death and melodrama to keep this mutant fan happy. This is a fun movie, go see it.

I even went out Saturday night and bought the original Dark Pheonix Saga from 1979/80. That is the first comic book (really, turned into a graphic novel) that I've bought in a long time. Its a real classic in comics now, so I might as well give it a read.

It has been excruciating the past two days. I'm sitting here at my desk and practically sweating. I hate the hot weather. But I guess this is what the summer is going to bring. We need air conditioning in the house badly. If its one thing I hate, its hot weather. I hate being sticky and gross. 65 degrees is the perfect temperature. 70s are still decent, but anything above 85 is unacceptable.

But even still, I can't wait for the summer to begin. This summer I'm going to have a lot of fun with the fraternity convention and a few other short trips I'm planning. We had a fun time yesterday at my friend Scott's place having a cookout. The food was excellently prepared by my food snob friends. (In this case, food snobbery is a good thing.) Memorial day is becoming one of my favorite holidays just cause we get to do nothing but hang out. Oh, and remember the men who've died for this country. After all, thats the reason for the season!


Anonymous said...

Definitely agree. Great movie. Some disappointments, but a great summer action flick.

I wrote a little on the movie myself at

Healthystuffguy said...

That was a goofed up comment. Here it is again. Just my thoughts on the movie:

X3 aka Xmen: The Last Stand -- saw it and definitely recommend it

Someone else on another blog just pointed out that since we didn't actually see cyclops die, his character may resurface if there are later movies.

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