Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Big Yankees Win, Nintendo Wii, Podcasts, and W...

Tonight was an amazing Yankees game. In the second inning they were down 9-0. It was depressing, so I turned on American Idol which I otherwise would have just DVR'd. I think Taylor is the best right now, and I'm thinking he'll win. But anyway, during the show I flipped back to the Yankees game and saw a few runs come in...and then a few more...and once Idol was over I was on the Yankees game full time again. Eventually, it got to 10-4...then 10-5..then it was 10-6...and then it was 10-9 and eventually the Yankees pulled it out and won 14-13. Freaking awesome! Its only the third time in history they've come back from a 9 point deficit. Crazy Crazy....

Last week was E3. I'm even more super stoked now for the Wii. You'll be able to shoot the remote like a gun, or use it like a bow and arrow, play golf, baseball, tennis, use it as Mario to swat away koopas... Not to mention, the PS3 is going to cost you $600. yeah...right. I checked out the Xbox360 the other day at Circuit City...and yeah the graphics are nice but ultimately it is the same gaming experience we've got right now on the Xbox, PS2, and GC. If the lines around the exhibit hall we saw in the pictures are anything but doctored, then I think Nintendo is going to take the prize this time around. I can't wait for the Wii. Its going to change everything. (Btw, my record for technology predictions is pretty good.)

the PS3 is going to cost you $600. yeah...right.

Fr. Roderick came back from his hiatus. He hLinkad to take a two week break, but I'm glad he's back in action now. I missed the Daily Breakfast a lot. You should all check it out at

Also, I started listening to Rick Steves' podcast. He's the amazing travel guru from Seattle. He travels in Europe and is probably the best at it. When I was in Europe a few years back, we stuck by Rick's recommends. They never failed us, either time they were there. If you are travelling to Europe anytime soon, go buy one of his guide books and download his Podcast audio tours. He also has a regular weekly show about travel. Both are available through iTunes.

GW did an awesome job last night. If you actually listen to what he is saying, it makes a ton of sense. A lot of hardcore righwing people don't want the guest worker program, but it makes sense - It'll tell us who is here, and give an incentive for those who work here to be here legally. Its not amnesty. Also, the leftwinger looney crazy people are off the rocker too. Their views range from amnesty to deportation. As long as Bush is wrong, they are happy. Stupid.

Here's my take on this issue... We have border and immigration laws that need to be followed. The economic problems in mexico not withstanding, these people should not be coming in illegally. Amnesty is not the answer. Creating a better, more efficient way for immigration to take place legally, and at the same time securing ourselves from attackers and illegals coming in undocumented is the answer. We are a nation of immigrants. In fact, most of our ancestors came to this country and literally pushed the natives out! Do we forget history so easily? Yes, unfortunately. Well here's one point my conservative friends don't talk about too much, and the kook libs don't want to mention either: These people who are coming in from Mexico...they are conservative, Catholic, hard working, family values believing people. They oppose all forms of abortion, and believe in taking care of their families. These are wonderful people who are coming here to make a better life for themselves and their families. We should find a way to embrace them and welcome them here. But we have to stand firm to our laws too.

If I were in charge, this is what I'd say to them...

"Dear Immigrant,

Hey, we really want you here, we really do, but you gotta follow the law like everyone else. So, we'll try and speed up the process for ya - please be patient. Oh, and you can work here but sign the guest book on the way in, its only curteous.



One last thing...

I haven't posted anything this week. And yet...strangely...I have 98 views to my blog, 35 of which are today. What the heck is going on people? Are my previous posts THAT interesting? I don't mind the traffic at all, but jeez! I guess some were hurtin for some content, so I hope this post cools the jets for a while...

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