Monday, June 26, 2006

EWTN 25th Anniversary

So I thought I'd take a little time out of my day to write about my past weekend. Saturday morning I dragged myself (without snooze button!) out of bed at 5:45 and got ready to go to EWTN's 25th Anniversary Family Reunion at Temple's Liacoura Center. Surprisingly, I had little problem getting up and out.

I got there at exactly the same time as my fraternity brother Dan and his father, amazingly. The place was pretty packed, but everyone there wanted to be there and could strike up a conversation with you at any moment. It was an amazing site of unity and friendship amongst Christians who never even met. In fact, while sitting in between speakers we struck up a great conversation with some people behind us (one of many random conversations). We talked about everything and they were pretty interested in hearing about my conversion and also about the traditional latin mass which I attend. The conversation went on for probably a good half hour and ran the Catholic gamut. Dan mentioned he was pretty excited about a new series by Scott Hahn of text books regarding the Church and its history. The lady and the people next to her started talking about how great the series was and well, long story short, they ran out of one of these books but because this lady behind us was so kind she just wrote a nice message in the front and gave it to him. Thats a huge $50 book! What an amazing gift he got from a random lady. Someday he'll be able to teach his kids from that book and remember the blessing he received there. So many amazing things like that happened this weekend.

We had a chance to hear many of the great show hosts like Fr. Benedict Groeschel, Fr. Francis Mary Stone, Marcus Grodi, Scott Hahn, Raymond Arroyo, and Fr. Neuhaus. I even got to meet and get autographs with Fr. Groeschel, Fr. Francis, Scott Hahn, and Marcus Grodi. I was absolutely floored to meet Benedict Groeschel, whom I believe may be a living saint amongst us. I loved his address Sunday morning. He's amazing. I even had a chance to ask him how I could see a live broadcast of his show. He said, "I'll tell you in a minute," then continued to sign my book and ask me what I did for a living and he welcomed me to the Church. Fr. Benedict then said while writing, "Here's my secretary's phone number, give her a call and she'll get you in."

Sunday morning we had Mass with Cardinal Rigali. His homily was less than enthralling, but it was nice nonetheless. Fr. Benedict and a lot of other priests concelebrated the mass which was great. I'm sure I'll write more on the event when I have more time and post more pictures for those who are intersted in seeing them.


Chris said...

Awesome. I would love to have been near one of the 25th anniversary celebrations. EWTN played such a huge role in my conversion. A visit to EWT N and the Shrine of the Most Blessed Sacrament is definately on the "to do" list.

Mary Ann said...

How is Fr. Benedict? After his accident, I mean. Can he walk? It's a miracle he is even alive.

Thanks for the photos and the stories from EWTN. We had to give up satellite TV last year and I miss it very much!

aaron said...

Wow sounds like an event not to miss!

Matt said...

@Mary Ann - Father Benedict seemed great! I didn't know he could still walk, but he got around just fine and even concelebrated mass. Btw: you can always watch EWTN live online over at via Real Player or Windows Media.

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