Monday, July 31, 2006

Updates on my travels

Hello everyone.

OK, so its been a while since I posted a full entry. I'm developing a few ideas here so this one will be full yet strangely unsatisfying as just an update on a few things I'd like to mention.

Travel to Cleveland, Ohio

Last week I travelled to Cleveland, Ohio for the 2006 Sinfonia National Convention. It was a great time filled with music. Almost everything we did had music in it including the legislation sessions. Fr. Don celebrated Mass for us Sunday morning which was also nice.

I want to make a few comments though about the Cathedral in Cleveland, which was just a block away from the hotel where we stayed. I was able to attend mass there last tuesday afternoon. Nobody had really arrived yet for Convention so I made my way over to attend the afternoon daily mass. The Cathedral is extremely beautiful. The high altar is probably one of the biggest I've seen to date - and I've seen a ton of high altars.

Mass was tiny - maybe 35 people in this huge space. I was prepared for the liturgy of the area though. I knew going in that in the Diocese of Cleveland they do not kneel except during the words of consecration. They do make apologies to those who feel differently, and ask you to comply for the good of everyone. I started off by complying but then noticed that a few of the other people knelt anyway. I felt the standing abhorent myself, so I eventually knelt. I don't understand the standing thing. If we believe that is really Christ in the Eucharist, how can anyone stand? Would the Bishop's have asked our Lady to stand at the foot of the cross?

I don't want to sound like I'm critisizing necessarily those faithful in the diocese (especially the Bishop) who promote the practice of standing. As an outsider I understand they try and adapt to whatever situation they have in their area. I just happen to feel very strongly that they are wrong. :-) If you are ever in the area though, visit the cathedral - even during the week - and just sit and admire the spectacle or meditate in prayer. Its really a nice place to spend some quiet time away from a busy city.

Diocese of Cleveland, Ohio
Cleveland's Liturgy Practice Letter

The Heat

Man it is hot here. But here's the thing - we should expect it to be! It is the summer afterall. In the past few days I've seen all these places having reported "record temperatures". Yeah? So? I'm not concerned one bit. We're going to have "record temperatures" one way or another every year from now until the end of time. In fact, the year we stop having them is the year I start worrying about the Earth being destroyed. But honestly, I haven't noticed it being any hotter this summer than last. Btw - new data out is suggesting the hurricane thing probably isn't linked to global warming. At best, its inconclusive.

Global Warmer + Hurricane = Inconclusive

A Comment about Israel At War

Tonight I heard an interesting comment I just wanted to share with everyone quickly about the war between Israel and Lebanon. The Israeli ambassador to the United Nations was on Bill O'Reilly's show commenting on the recent airstrikes against the terrorist group Hezbollah. Israel hit a builing that had civilians in it and had apologized earlier. However (and I quote loosely) he did say one thing that stood out.

He said, "Remember, that for Israel, every dead Lebanese child is a tragedy. But for Hezbollah, every dead Israeli child is cause for celebration."

That should put things in perspective - and he's 100% correct.

-Tomorrow I'll review the movie Patton.-

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