Tuesday, August 29, 2006

By Their Fruits....

One of the problems that seems to plague the Traditionalist movement is the fact that their organizations tend toward unifying solely around the Tridentine Mass, and not the uniformity of Christ's universal Church. That hasn't been my personal experience with coming into the Church via the FSSP, but you can see it all over the internet. Take a look at any of the sedevacantists or other "ultra-traditionalists" on the net and you'll find a bunch of angry people out there who claim they hold the only true mass. Their focus is all about them and why everyone else is horrible. They've got lists of reasons why they have the one and only true mass, mass facts, mass pictures, etc. Their eyes are keenly focused on them.

Yesterday, on the New Liturgical Movement blog, this appeared:

Sunday, August 27, 2006

What the World is Waiting For

I have long said to friends, what the world is waiting for is a community within the Church which makes the Tridentine Mass its presupposition, not its message. A community which makes the Gospel its message and life, the preferential love for the poor, the engagement with the world, the invitation to consider the claims and life of the One who declared Himself to be the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

When the Tridentine Mass is seen to quietly but powerfully fuel such an 'Evangelical' movement, as its presupposition, not its focus, it will be a Kairos, a moment of grace. The Kerygma of the early Church was the Church's focus, fueled by the Mass, the Kerygma's very presupposition. When the order is sadly reversed, one is not far away from polemics, imbalance and the unseemly disfigurement of the Church's proclamation. Oxygen is the presupposition of Life, it does not swallow up all the spiritual and existential aspects of living itself. ---Stephen Hand

This is coming. It will come, so long as organizations such as the FSSP and the Institute of Christ the King Sovreign Priest keep up their work. Their goals are obvious, and that is first the care of souls by providing an option for those attached to the old liturgy and traditionalism. They are a catalyst for working within the system for the same goal as the uiversal church.

That isn't the case of the Womenpriests movement. They've got one goal - rip up the institution so they can have their way. This is how you see they are not working for Christ at all. Christ said, "By their fruits you shall know them." Their fruits are dried up nasty prunes, which have roots in subversion, dishonesty, and ignorance. Their sin is pride thinking they have the right, or rather the duty to proclaim themselves as high as God. If I recall, this was also Satan's sin...

Today on Amy Welborn's Open Book she highlighted this clip from a parish in Minnesota which has caused some stir on the blogospehere:

Call to Action Minnesota: Womenpriests Celebrate the Eucharist. On Saturday, September 23, 4-8 pm. Call to Action invites you to a Eucharistic Celebration with Regina Nicolosi presiding. Rev. Nicolosi was ordained as a womanpriest this summer. Following the Eucharist is a presentation by SJA parishioner Dr. Dorothy Irvin on "Ancient and Contemporary Models of Womenpriests and Deacons". Supper is included...

You know how I can tell where these people's focus is? Simple. After the "eucharist" is celebrated they complete their meditation with a presentation for arguing why they exist. I'm sure an episcopally approved latin mass society would have similiar presentations geared towards their organization. But the Womenpriests do this for their own glory.

Call to Action is about 1 step away from being supressed by the Church. And Archbishop Dolan of Milwaukee is none to pleased with them. He condemned them in his latest column and basically threw his hands in the air saying "whatever."

Probably ignoring them is the best thing. I wonder what they are having for dinner.


Anonymous said...

be careful of the bait and switch of Mr Hand, he is a Marxist with a rosary


Matt said...

Thanks Doug,

Before I posted it, I looked Hand up and saw some "interesting" things.

The comments he made about the Tridentine Mass didn't call for an end to capitalist tyranny so I figured I could use them. :-)

In the future, before I put any quotes up from him I'll use the same discretion and I appreciate readers who point stuff like this out. Thanks again!


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