Sunday, August 13, 2006

Cardinal Trujillo's Mass

Just a few thoughts on Cardinal Trujillo's celebration of the Mass today. His message, while read, seemed exceptionally on-point and very much in line with what EWTN viewers are used to hearing on the network. I am not in any way saying this is abnormal. Certainly, the Cardinal is one of the wonderful leaders in our church. What struck me though was the very end, after all the thank-yous and benediction. He exclaimed, "Thank you very much for a wonderful [inaudible] (weekend?)" Than he cast a very genuine smile, the kind of smile you only get from real joy. This is a good man. He is sincerely appreciative of Mother Angelica's work, unlike other bishops may be.

Having been in Philadelphia for the 25th anniversary celebration there, I can tell you that joy surrounded these events. Its nice especially in these times, to see that effect on one of the top churchmen of our day.

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