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Ok, so I know I promised a write up of my review of Patton. That will come, but honestly - I have no air conditioning and the heat is keeping me from actual thought. However, I did come across something on the net that I've wanted to point out and join for quite a while now.

The Society for a Moratorium on the Music of Marty Haugen and David Haas.
(When I originally posted this, I put in a bad link. It now works.)

These people, arguably, are responsible for much of the musical garbage found in many Catholic parishes these days. I used to have to play this stuff when I played Mass back in high school - before I even considered becoming a Catholic. In fact, the modern liturgical music was one of the things that made Catholicism so unattractive to me.

Here is a quote from the Society to explain what they stand for:

You are de facto a member of the Society if you gag or grit your teeth whenever you hear any of the following:

1. Come to the Feast
2. Gather Us In
3. Sing Out, Earth and Skies

Here are some other quotes by members listed in the society:

It is sad to see Catholic worship getting more and more Protestant in nature. Much of Church music today is theologically vapid. Even worse than Marty Haugen and David Haas is the music used in Life Teen "Masses," where it is not uncommon to hear "worship" music by Protestant musicians with strongly Protestant content. I am fully behind your efforts to bring Catholicism back to Catholic worship.

Since my conversion to Catholicism four years ago, one of the heaviest crosses to bear has been the horrible, profane music Catholics are expected to sing at Mass. I absolutely love fine sacred music, but for some reason Catholics don't compose any anymore -- or those who do are being shut out of the shoddy paperback "hymnals" they cram into the backs of pews. This rotten, talentless, uninspiring, and/or heretical schlock is why I just cannot bring myself to sing in our parish
choir -- and I used to love singing in choir in my pre-Catholic days.

That should give you an idea. Many of the listed members are "famous" Catholic bloggers. Enjoy!

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