Monday, August 14, 2006

Which Missal?

I'm getting ready to buy a daily missal and its come down between two editions: Baronius vs. Angelus. In many churches today [read: almost all Catholic Churches], the use of missals has gone out of style. You can still buy a good Novus Ordo missal in your local Catholic bookstore or from one of the many many online distributors around. However, in the Tridentine Rite its almost mandated that we have one in order to follow along.

I believe this is a good thing because not only do we pray the mass but we also get to physically hold it in our hands. This type of physical "stimulation" brings us closer to the liturgy by giving it a sense of possession. Not only that but when it is over you get to take it home with you. It sits on your bookshelf, desk, or nightstand until the next time you get to mass. Missals also give you the opportunity to study the liturgy on your own time. I wish more novus ordo parishes would ask their parishoners to use a missal.

Right now I'm trying to decide which missal to buy. I'm quite sold on the Baronius Press edition of the 1962 Daily Missal for several reasons. The first being that it is endorsed by the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter. I really believe in what they are doing and would like to support their efforts. Baronius seems like an excellent publisher of traditional or old Catholic books. They publish them beautifully and in what looks to be extremely high quality. I've read a lot of good things about their books on the internet, so I feel like I can trust their edition not to fall apart after a year or two. They have a lot of extras included as well. Listed in their features is "the Churching of Women", which I am especially interested in reading about...:-)

The only issue I might have with the Baronius edition is that the text is a little small and the missal is very thick. I've seen others carrying it around and it seems like it may be a little hard to hold onto in the pew. The book itself is smaller but thicker.

Well it looks like the Angelus Press edition also has the Churching of Women. Their book is regular "Bible size" and their text is reportedly identical. The Angelus Edition seems to not have as many extras but they do have one thing going for them: their text is larger and easier to read.

Believe it or not - all things being equal - the extras do matter to me. Not to mention I do feel uncomfortable buying this missal because it is published by Angelus, which is the publishing wing of the Society of Saint Pius X. I have asked a priest of the FSSP about this and he said it didn't matter which missal edition I had though.

I'm really not sure which one I'll buy when I actually go through the order process. Right now I am leaning toward the Baronius press edition, however the Angelus seems to have nice print. I meant what I said earlier about novus ordo Catholics using missals. If you want to help your faith out, I recommend buying a missal to follow along with at Mass. You will get a lot out of it I promise.

Baronius 1962 Daily Catholic Missal
Angelus Press Roman Catholic Daily Missal
1962 Missal Booklet (CHEAP!!)
Revised Daily Roman Missal (Novus Ordo)


Moonshadow said...

I meant what I said earlier about novus ordo Catholics using missals. If you want to help your faith out, I recommend buying a missal to follow along with at Mass.

I've used one for years.

But, tell me, since I am new to your blog, where is the Tridentine Mass celebrated daily?

Matt said...

Hi Moonshadow,

Thanks for the comments. There may be a Tridentine Latin Mass celebrated at least weekly close by for you. Take a look here:

I personally attend St. Michael the Archangel in Scranton, PA. It is run by the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter. They are located here:

Moonshadow said...

Oh, I know where they are by me ... and that there aren't any daily ones.

Ok, daily in Scranton at St. Michael's. It all sounds very nice.

Matt said...

Yup! I'm not able to go to the daily, but I would if I could. But the daily missal is still usefull because it has all the readings and extras that I am so fond of.

Have you been to a Tridentine mass?

Moonshadow said...

Have you been to a Tridentine mass?

Of course.

The Colossus said...

I had exactly the same choice about a month ago -- Angelus or Baronius. I ended up getting the Angelus, even though it is printed by the schismatics of the SSPX, largely becuase it advertised slightly larger print.

I love the 1962 missal. I bought a new St. Joseph missal, also, in English only, but the prayers and extras are much better in the 1962 version. Daily and "necessary prayers", the calendar of the saints, etc., has made a difference in my life; I think that Catholics who don't have a missal at home should get one as a reference (I have no Tridentine masses within 50 miles, so having a "new" missal is a necessity, too, and the St. Joseph has the reading for the A, B, and C years).

I'm also getting the Baronius Douay-Rheims; I'm glad you liked it, because I'm getting the same edition.

Also on my Christmas list is a copy of the Catechism and a Divine Office for saying the Psalms.

I think that every Catholic household should have a D-R bible, a Catechism, and a Missal at a minimum. They are great resources for answering questions and for exploring the religion. I honestly don't know why I never built my Catholic bookshelf before; my project for 2007 is to collect all the necessary books and have them to strengthen my faith.

Matt said...

Hey Colossus,

I betcher gonna love that Baronius Douay-Rheims. The commentary is great too. Let's just say that there's some comments put in there that would never ever be placed in any modern Bible text.

But honestly, I wish they would be. There are some real zingers.

"The whole truth is generally the ally of virtue; a half-truth is always the ally of some vice." - G.K. Chesterton