Friday, September 15, 2006

BVM Comic Removed from Viginia school website

The Cavalier Daily has removed the offensive comics of the BVM, and the artist has issued a statement. This was placed on the front of their website:


The editors and the artist have decided to remove two of Grant Woolard’s “Quirksmith” comics from the Web site. We are regretful that many took offense to them. Offense was not our intent – neither the intent of the artist, nor the intent of the newspaper, which seeks to provide contributors an open forum to present their ideas. The Cavalier Daily appreciates reader input and encourages feedback regarding our comics page or any part of the newspaper.

In place of the comics is a statement from the artist, which can be viewed here.

I'm glad someone had the sense to remove them. Somehow believing Catholics have managed to come together and take action and yield a positive result. I'd say also that rather than being angry at the artist or the paper or the students who could probably care less, say a quick prayer for them. Thats a whole lot better than screaming at them over the phone for sure.

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