Thursday, September 14, 2006

CINO Casey to speak at Catholic U of A

I love it when politics and Church stuff mix sometimes, because it gives me an opportunity to comment on both at the same time.

This year's Pennsylvania Senate campaign is one of the big races around, with Bob Casey Jr. leading (now slightly) over Rick Santorum. Casey is set to speak at the Catholic University of America in D.C. and apparently some pesky Catholic groups are miffed about it. How dare them! This is an article regarding the situation:

Catholic groups question law school over choice of politician as guest lecturer

In fairness, Casey is an alumnus of Catholic University - so there is a chance his new national fame plays into him speaking there...but regardless...

Casey is one of those "Catholics" that will vote for all the things Christians in general wouldn't be caught dead supporting. You know what they are, so I don't have to spell it out for you. He of course walks the thin line saying politicians shouldn't vote their faith. (But talking it up is no big deal.)

That arguement is flawed and it always has been. Here's why, if you are ready for this bit of wisdom...

If we voted people into political office without respect to their personal views, or if every decision politicians made was through public polling, then it wouldn't matter which party or which candidate held the office.

We expect and want our elected officials to act their conscience, and yes, their faith. If someone runs and says "I'm Jewish," then I expect them to vote with their Jewish values. There is nothing wrong with that. If you say you have faith in God, then why the heck would you ever vote against him? Just who do you think you are? And on a more secular level, what good are you in our government if you don't stand by your own convictions? I guess since Catholic/Christian values don't just give people wholesale whatever they want they are unpopular.

And thats really where its at isn't it? Popularity and power. In grade school we elected people because they were popular. But in the adult world elected people give us stuff. Or at least thats what they think we want. Pulling back on "reforms" (used loosely) such as the glory of killing unborn children or affirmative action aren't looked upon favorably because that would be like taking away the toys. And nobody wants to be the party of big meanies.

Catholic University should retract their offer of Mr. Casey to speak and apologize for their misstep. He's not a real Catholic with his positions and I agree allowing (inviting?) him to speak is just a notch below endorsement.

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