Thursday, September 07, 2006

Der be devils in here George!

Um, yeah. This was also on the news tonight...

A book, which I will not be buying at my local Borders (and neither should any of you) has made the news. Called The Architect: Karl Rove and the Master Plan for Absolute Power, by Wayne Slater and James Moore, the book is filled with wierd stuff apparently about Mr. Rove. But the most pertinent thing that caught my ear was this:

Soon after Rove moved into his new office in the West Wing, previously occupied by Hillary Clinton, he invited three top Catholic priests to conduct a ceremony to purge the room of evil spirits. "It was an actual liturgical ceremony," says participant Deal Hudson. "We sat at the table, we prayed. A priest said a series of prayers, including a blessing."

Wow. Its not absurd to have a house blessed. It might not even be that absurd to have your office blessed...but jeez. How to people come up with this crap? Obviously Slater and Moore are a bit "loose" on this one.

By the way, what constitutes a top Catholic priest?

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Mary Ann said...

I don't think Deal Hudson qualifies as a priest at all! Is Rove Catholic? I had no idea.

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