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In Memoriam - Lloyd Rosenberg, 31

Lloyd Rosenberg, 31
Requiescat in Pace

On September 11, 2001 a junk bond dealer from Cantor Fitzgerald gave his life serving his country as one of the first victims of the War on Terror. He did so without a gun or armor but by simply doing what most Americans do - he went to work in the morning.

The following are obituaries and quotes from Newspapers and family/friends of Lloyd. I personally never met him however we all should say prayers for him and his family today.

By Glenna Rosenberg:

Lloyd Rosenberg, 31, was raised in Sheepshead Bay Brooklyn, before moving to Staten Island. We met at Crazy Eddie's where we both worked. He graduated from Sheepshead Bay High School in 1987 and began working for Cantor Fitzgerald in 1988. We were married in 1992 and made our home in Morganville New Jersey with our three daughters, Samantha, Kaylee and Alyssa.

Two weeks before the tragic events of September 11th, we were fortunate enough to spend a weekend away alone together. Something we hadn't done in over five years. He said to me, "Glenn, I can't believe we've been together more than half of my life." We talked and imagined what the next half would be like.

Lloyd was kind and generous; he never said a bad word about anyone he knew. Recently I've come to find out that in business he was the same.

Lloyd leaves behind a beautiful legacy. In Samantha, you can't help but notice his gestures and his personality. In Kaylee, it's like looking into his eyes and seeing his happy spirit. In Alyssa you can see his face. We use to joke all the time that they were twins separated by 31 years. To me, he gave his heart, and I will carry it with me forever.

Lloyd's passion was being a "daddy." His girls were his pride and joy. I will forever miss the Saturday mornings when I would sneak downstairs and watch him reading them a book, or playing "horsie."

We, his family, will pray for peace so that his children, and all the other children can grow up without fear. To be able to live the life, full of joy and happiness, that Lloyd wanted them to live. Always and Forever, Glenna, Samantha, Kaylee and Alyssa.

Lloyd was the joy of our lives. He was moved by the love of his family and friends. We grew up together, had a family. Lloyd was a great Daddy .. His girls waited for him to get home every night they were his pride and joy. It was always a party when daddy was home. We loved to go to be near the beach, parks anything outdoors. He will always be my best friend. His Legacy lives on in his daughters.

NY Times Tribute

A mother laments. For her, Lloyd Rosenberg was not just a son, but a close friend. She remembers doing everything for young Lloyd: Little League, Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, summer camp, guitar lessons. When the family moved to Staten Island and Lloyd disliked his new high school, his mother arranged for him to continue going to his old high school in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn.

"Lloyd was my life," his mother, Michele Rosenberg, said. "There wasn't one thing that I wouldn't do for him and his sister, Lorene. He was everything in the world to me, even more than my husband. He was a wonderful son. If he did anything wrong, he always apologized."

She was proud of his success as a bond trader at Cantor Fitzgerald, where he began in the mailroom and quickly ascended. His mother, a teacher, and his father, Larry, a Transit Authority electrician, were delighted that he earned far more than they did. With that money, he bought a handsome home in Morganville, N.J., where he and his wife, Glenna, were raising three daughters, Samantha, 5, Kaylee, 3, and Alyssa, 1.

"Both of us were civil service, and that's good, but we felt if you could do better, go for it," his mother said. "You always want better for your children."

"All I can tell you is I love him very much," she added. "I'm looking at his picture right now. Not only did I lose a good friend, I lost my baby."

Please go here to read more on Lloyd from his friends and family. This is the official Cantor Fitzgerald tribute site.

I do not know Lloyd's religious background, however I believe it prudent to offer prayers for him and his family according to whatever the tradition you may hold. Lloyd and others were tragically killed without provocation, warning, or warrant. This reminds me of our own mortality which may come at really any moment.

I offer this prayer for Lloyd and the other victims:

O God! the Creator and Redeemer of all the faithful, grant to the souls of Thy servants departed the remission of all their sins: that through pious supplications they may obtain that pardon which they have always desired: Who livest and reignest world without end. Amen.

p.s. As a tribute and for the 2996 Project, this is the only post which will appear on this blog today. God bless.


Raggedy said...

Wonderful Tribute!
Thank you.
These are heartbreaking stories and difficult to read....
I am honored to be a part of this project.
Mine is posted also...

The 2996 link is down. I have a new link on my site to view the participants.

Bless you...

kateandjona said...

Thank you for sharing Lloyd with us today.

Jonathon's Closet remembers Robert Levine, also a Cantor employee.

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