Monday, September 04, 2006

Labor Day Boredom Produces Tangent...

Today I did several things - went to Mass (which was wonderful), watched a debate between Rick Santorum and Bob Casey Jr., made my Little Office, talked with old friends on the phone, and went to the County Fair and ate myself to death.

Mass with the new guy.
I'm getting used to hearing someone else say/sing the mass. He is certainly not the singer Fr. Magiera was, and the homily today was "meh" and repetitive. However I seem to be becoming a whole lot more comfortable being at the church. I still don't know anyone but it doesn't matter. I'm not there for the other people. Sure maybe in the future I'll get involved but I don't need to right now. The mass is ridiculously beautiful and the choir was spot on today. Believe me, that helps.

Rick Santorum vs. Bob Casey, Jr.
This debate on Meet the Press was laughable. I have honestly never seen Bob Casey, Jr. in action. All I knew about him was:
  1. He is a democrat.
  2. He is pro-life.
  3. He has run for every state office in existence (and failed most times).
That being said, I know that Rick Santorum is an embattled incumbant whose campaign is in jeopardy. But probably not after this debate if anyone was actually watching. Santorum WIPED THE FLOOR with Bob Casey, Jr. I mean, wow. Casey looked like a snarling little weasle and made childish faces while Santorum spoke. Santorum answered every single question, even the tough one about his residency (which seemed to be the "gotcha" question).

When asked what programs he would cut to balance the budget, Casey responded by saying he would repeal the tax cuts.... which by all accounts have done nothing but make our economy boom and put us to an amazing 4.6% unemployment level. Repeal the tax cuts? What is this a decmorat campaign from the 80s? Please guys, come up with something else.

I'm so sick to death of politics, which is why I haven't written anything about it lately. The bitter fighting and the talking points drive me up the wall.

I am at the point where I don't care if the Repubicans lose in November. I expect bad things to happen because people have a fallen nature. The media is out of control and literally, this war, and politics in general are now so closely controlled not by our votes but by our pocket books. I mean to say that by the advertising dollars spent to produce news programs, they spin the news. Negative sells, period. Negative negative. You think we're losing this war? In all intellectual honesty, we'd have to be completely insane to believe that. But thats the message we get -spoken or otherwise- every night on our news programs.

Wars are not won by "winning the hearts and minds of the people." That is a myth created by people who oppose just wars in hope that part of the mission drags out long enough so they can claim failure.

Want to know how wars are won? Its simple.
You win wars by killing more of the enemy and breaking more of their toys than they do yours. Thats it. Wars are not won by "winning the hearts and minds of the people." That is a myth created by people who oppose just wars in hope that part of the mission drags out long enough so they can claim failure. Wars don't win hearts and minds. People do that - and thats what politics are for. Unfortunately, in our media controlled climate, if a soldier suffers a broken leg we are caught asking ourselves "when, oh when will we stop losing this war?!" Seriously, not to play down any casualty, but take a look at this statistic and I will say no more...

D-Day, WWII: 7,000+ Allied Casualties. (1 Day)
Gulf War II: 2,500+ Allied Casualties. (3 years)

To say its time to get out and that we've lost is an insult to each and every soldier who died, was injured, was or is still there. Shame on our media for putting these ideas into people's heads.

OK well, I'm done with my little tangent for tonight. One of my good friends mentioned to me that he was missing the good-old "Republican Matt", so I hope this satisfied his needs, and yours if you are a Republican who needed his spirits lifted.


Jarred said...

Haha, awesome Matt. And despite being a "lefty", I agree with that post completely.

I also like how you used the word "meh" in one of your posts. I loke that word. It's so desciptive!

jarred said...

And by loke of course I mean love.

"The whole truth is generally the ally of virtue; a half-truth is always the ally of some vice." - G.K. Chesterton