Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Nutcase-Wackjob Coming to USA

You know a good way to get Republicans elected again? Try and start another war with us. Seriously, this wackjob from Iran is planning on coming to the UN in New York on the 19th of September to talk right after President Bush in order to have a "debate." So far, Pres. Bush has denied that Iranicrazies their request to debate mono-y-mono. And he should. That guy...Ahmadiensjasosifjg...denies the holocaust and sponsors cartoon contests to make fun of it. Ridiculous.

Iran seems to be trying to take the place of the USSR, and will be meeting with the leaders of Venezuela and Cuba before his "speech" (according to the Drudge Report, last time I checked).

Just a quick thought on the subject...

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