Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Presumptive Prescription

Today, as the Iranicrazy Ahmadingioasfjsf blasted the United States and the west for various reasons, Republicans and Democrats square off, and islamofacists protesting the Pope for promoting faith and non-violence, I have decided to presume to prescribe for us a number of things that are needed in order to win this current "war" to win the hearts and minds of the world.

The Iranicrazies deny the holocaust, and yet much of the world supports them. Should this be a shock? No, because many of the world's governments are completely corrupt. This shouldn't surprise anyone or particularly alarm either, since its always been that way. However it should concern us. A lot of the world knows they only want nuclear capabilities to push Israel into the sea, but they could care less. Would nuclear power help their infrastructure? Probably, but who cares when they can push Israel into the sea and scare everyone to death in the process.

If they aren't arguing with each other, then they aren't speaking.

Our politicians refuse to do anything productive. Both sides are guilty. If they aren't arguing with each other, then they aren't speaking. Sure a few of them like to "come together" or whatever to pretend to do something, but they get put down quickly when they aren't towing the party line. With the threats we currently have against us, why are we concerned with interrogation techniques to the Nth degree? Almost everynight we're hearing about wiretapping programs and whether or not our terrorist captives are slightly uncomfortable.

Americans are so happy with themselves they could care less. We're so content to go and spend $3.50 for a coffee are Starbucks in any town, yet forget in many parts of the world you could feed a family on that dime for an entire day. We don't realize or care that much of the world's media looks at that and puts us down for it. Yes, we do a TON of charity and support for improverished countries but they don't care.

It certainly doesn't help that our media is a bunch of leftist commies either. Overseas media is 5x worse. Check out the UK papers and you'll see what I mean. They're horrible. Most of their news we might easily consider editorials from a liberal arts college student newspaper.

We're so content to go and spend $3.50 for a coffee are Starbucks in any town, yet forget in many parts of the world you could feed a family on that dime for an entire day.

This is, in fact, much of the problem with the Papal protests we've seen this past week. The media went stupid bad for it. Last night on ABC I saw a commentator actually say that the Pope's speech on Faith and Reason meant to show how Christianity was more resonable than Islam. That man is either invincibly ignorant or he wants more protests.

But the reaction in the muslim world is what we should look at most. There lies the answer. First off, what the Pope said was not controversial at all. Second, they demanded an apology and he gave it to them from the Vatican. Then they demand a "personal" apology, because that one wasn't good enough. They burn him in effigy and write signs calling for his beheading, and write things that say "worshippers of the cross must die", "evil Trinity", etc. He apologizes again, and they call for his death even louder and burn some Churches (Anglican ones too...).

You see, it doesn't matter. Should he have apologized? That's his call as the leader of the Church. The man is brilliant and I'm not going to second guess him. But it certainly didn't appease their demands. So, in getting to my original premise of this post...this is what the USA must do to win:
  • We need a united message. Screw the political babbling and get on with it. It only makes us weaker. This goes for every other country that enjoys buying Starbucks coffee.
  • We need a great orator to deliver this message. The West has forgotten this art since Ronald Reagan left office, but its time to get back on the stick.
  • To go with that, we need to remember that propaganda is not always a bad thing.
  • Religion, particularly Judaism and Christianity, needs to be liberated again in this country to run schools how they should be run, be able to put crosses where they want and promote their values. The ACLU should be disbanded. Traditional values made this country great and their demise hails the end of any civilization, bar none. Parents, you need to co-operate on this one.
  • Abortion and birth control need to be put away indefinitely. We are literally "controlling " our population out of the global arena. 33% of my generation has been obliterated, but not in the rogue nations. This one sounds odd I know, but if we have less people here, then there are less people who will champion our cause. In a battle for survival, I think thats pretty important.
  • We all need to toughen up a bit.
Through all of this continually ringing in my head is John Paul II's first words..."Be Not Afraid." I hope he's praying for us now, cause we need it.

A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself within. The essential causes of Rome’s decline lay in her people, her morals, her class struggle, her failing trade, her bureaucratic despotism, her stifling taxes, her consuming wars. - WILL DURANT, Caesar and Christ

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