Monday, September 04, 2006

RIP - Crocodile Hunter

Steve Irwin, according to news reports, has died of a freak sting ray attack. The Crocodile Hunter was one of my favorite TV personalities. This is such an off-topic blog post but I thought I should mention it since I am one of, and maybe one of the only people who actually bought a copy of his movie becuase I actually enjoyed it.

He was one of the few "good ones" on TV whose program was viewable by anyone. The show wasn't sexed up or repleat with violence. Yet he made the animal kingdom interesting and exciting for both kids and adults.

Ironically, he was killed not while working with poisonous snakes or angry crocs, but by docile stingrays which rarely attack. I'm sure there will be some uncharitable remarks made by some that he finally got what was coming to him by playing with dangerous animals. Thats sad. He did a lot of good and hopefully his legacy will show it.

Steve Irwin Killed

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jarred said...

The saddest thing is his two kids will have to grow up, knowing what a great person their Dad was, but never having really had the chance to know him. Very, very sad. I spent MANY a night at college watching him on Animal Planet.

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