Thursday, September 07, 2006

Screwed Up World

Just watching the news tonight has led me to post the following short comments:

Iranicrazy Khatami Speaks...
...tonight at the Washington National Cathedral, which is an Episcopal Church. How can any, and I mean, ANY Church invite a leader of a terrorist state to speak under their roof? Albeit, he's a former leader, but come on people. Some of the newsmedia is playing this down and calling him a "moderate" leader. Not only is that dishonest, its spin. "Moderate" never means what people say it does. In fact in politics moderate means absolutely nothing.

Can you imagine Khatami coming to the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception to talk? No, you can't. How about Goering talking at the Wailing Wall?

A quote from the speech: (emphasis added)

After his talk, he addressed his support for the terrorist group Hezbollah, which critics say is an Iranian proxy. Though "Hezbollah loves Iranians and Iranians love Hezbollah, there's no organized link between the two in which Iran plays a role," he said.

After his speech he's expected to tour Monticello - Thomas Jefferson's home...perhaps if the Democrats win in November they'll let him move in - god forbid - if you know what I mean.

Ex-Iranian President To Speak At Washington National Cathedral

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