Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Alternative Saint Day

Today is the feast of St. Luke but I want to profile a lesser known Saint with a very interesting story and an even more fun legend.

From the Patron Saint Index:

St. Justus of Beauvais

18 October; 11 October in Zutphen, Nederlands

During a trip with his father to Amiens to ransom or rescue an imprisoned relative during the persecutions of Diocletian, the nine-year-old Justus was denounced to pagan authorities as a Christian magician. Questioned about his faith at Beauvais, the boy confessed that he was a Christian; he was immediately executed. Legend says that the body then picked up the severed head and stood upright before the terrified soldiers; later retellings depict the headless boy preaching and converting the pagans.

278 at Auxerre, France
beheaded in 285 at Beauvais, France; majority of relics in the cathedral in Paris, but others in Zutphen, Nederlands and smaller locations in France, Belgium and England

"Christian magic" isn't something we get accused of anymore. Though I think if someone accused me of it today I'd probably give them a wierd look and a good laugh. Consider the fact that magic is expressly forbidden for Christians and the situation gets even more interesting. Just what was the deal back then? Well, it was 285 ya they probably just ran out of things to accuse 'em with.

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