Friday, October 20, 2006

Comfort Ye, My People...with sleep pants.

After last nights mammoth post on the Witness brochure my topic today will be less thrilling. If you stick with me on this one then you are awesome. You know what, just because you are reading this blog makes you awesome. So feel good about that.

The weather outside is abysmal today. Its raining a lot and that makes me want to accomplish nothing. Well, not nothing but certainly not a lot. This morning I had a client meeting which went pretty well. Then I picked up my prescription along with a few other things. I came home, fixed myself lunch, and changed back into my sleep pants.

Which gives me a topic for this post. Sleep pants, as in sweat pants, flannel pants, or whatever you've got. Are they not the best and most comfortable things in the world? I often tell people that we need no other pant form. Thats one thing we can do to make the world a better place. Everyone in sweats. Even terrorists would be pacified. Consider the following...

Who wants to cause any trouble in their flannels? We're already as comfortable as we can get. There would be no civil unrest whatsoever because everyone would be at rest.

You might think they'd be inappropriate for work or formal occasions. And certainly they would be if you were the only one wearing them. But if everyone was wearing them? Not so much then, right? Exactly.
Sleep pants are even Biblical. Look at this verse: "Comfort ye, my people, saith the Lord." from Psalm 42. The evidence is indisputable. Even in Bible times they did one better. Instead of wearing pants they disregarded the entire leg-for-cloth system and just wrapped big sheets around themselves. If its hotter - use less sheets. The colder it gets - add sheets or perhaps a down comforter or a dead animal. Its brillant.

But alas, today we have the sleep pant. We should use it to the fullest extent. In college I wore them everywhere - class, work, wherever. Thats one good thing my liberal education produced: A real appreciation for comfort clothes.

Join me.


Anonymous said...

I can confirm that I have absolutely no idea of what sleep pants are. Do you mean pajamas? Of course, in the UK, pants are what a man wears *under* his trousers, so all this talk of sweat and dress pants etc has a certain unfair comic value. Was it Winston Churchill who talked about Britain and America being divided by a common language?!

Matt said...

Yeah, pajamas work. But not the zip up full body PJs we've got here. These are usually flannel or really soft cotton, usually plaid but they don't have to be.

Example of Sleep Pants:

I'll take a stab here and say that what we call Sweat Pants you might call Jogging Trousers or something.(complete guess) Thick cotton pants to wear for lounging around or exercising.

Sweat Pants:

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