Monday, October 09, 2006

Leonin & Perotin...

No, these are not new prescription drugs. They are composers from the 1100's. I've recently purchased a CD of their music from Naxos and lemme tell ya, its awesome.

Soring melodies of polyphony and plainchant fill Notre-Dame Cathedral. The group is Tonus Peregrinus, a group I've recently discovered.

I make no money from this endorsement, only the pleasure in recommending what could be the best CD I've bought all year.

Go here for their website. (Also searchable on iTunes.)

p.s. those who know me know I'm a music snob - I don't pick 'em lightly.

An addition to this post.... A YouTube Video of Tonus Peregrinus singing "There is a Green Hill" from their CD "Hymns and Songs of the Church."

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