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St. Edward the Confessor, d.1066

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Today we remember St. Edward the Confessor. Edward was king of England from 1042 until 1066. And we all know what happened in 1066! That's right! Its that time again to celebrate those fun Frenchish words we've got in our language. So, since today is the EVE of 940th anniversary of possibly the greatest battle in the history of, history let us remember this pious Saint who's long life and long reign supported the faith in England for so many years.

Reportedly he was able to heal by touch, and his body is uncorrupted in the Abbey of St. Thomas Beckett

From CNA:


Born in 1003; died January 5, 1066; canonized by Pope Alexander III in 1161.

Edward, king of England from 1042 until 1066 was the son of the Duke of Normandy and the nephew of King Edmund Ironside of England. He grew up in exile in Normandy from the age of 10 when the Danish gained control of England. Edward´s earnest religious piety caused him to renounce worldly ambition and devote himself to the love of God.

On the death of the Danish king, Canute, in 1042, he was called to the throne of England, which he accepted dutifully. His saintly bearing made him a popular sovereign, and his actions even more so. He abolished unjust taxes and was known to cure people with his touch.

Having made a vow of chastity, he accepted marriage for the sake of his kingdom, but lived with his queen in celibacy, as brother and sister.

Unable to fulfill his vow to make a pilgrimage to Saint Peter’s tomb in Rome, as his absence would make his subjects vulnerable to attack, Pope commuted his vow to the rebuilding of Saint Peter’s Abbey in Westminister. Only a week after it’s dedication Edward died and was buried in St. Peter´s Abby.

Get ready for it, the battle is upon us!

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