Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Two New (for me) Podcasts

Today I went looking for new podcasts to listen to and I hit the nail on the head twice. Very interesting for me, possibly for you, but not for the faint hearted.

#1. The Word Nerds

I love this stuff. Etymology fascinates me. Having a podcast about nothing but words kinda shows off the vast posibilities podcasting brings. This for me is a unbroken connection to history. Its great.

#2. The Hidden Pearl - Eastern Catholic Podcast
The Antiochian Syriac Maronite Catholic Podcast

If you aren't Catholic (or maybe if you are), your eyebrows probably just went up and you made some kind of wierd motion with your face muscles. But middle easterners can be Catholics too ya know.

These are the prayers of the Divine Office of the Maronite church, which is the apostolic Church in Lebanon. The audio quality isn't the greatest, but ever since the Byzantine Catholic Word podcast has dropped off the planet - this will be my gateway to the East.

If ye be so bold, enjoy!

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