Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Day in Williamsport - Complete Boredom

Yesterday I posted that I had been in Williamsport. I thought I might show you the total excitement there. I did walk the streets hoping to find the closest Catholic church to snap a photo or two but all I couldn't locate one. There were some nice churches of various protestant ecclesial communities though.

We started at 7:00 but you can see that by 8:00 that I am very into being there. Time for the Daily Breakfast!

Later on, I found out there was a Wegman's (most awesome grocery store ever...really) within walking distance. I saw this on the way. It could have been a L.A. Perhaps this is what a lot of modern church architects had in mind. "the Spiral down to..." um...exactly.

One of the nicest buildings in town is their City Hall, which is tucked away behind everything else. Wierd.

Taken in the middle of the day - this city give you the feeling of "Ghost Town." This was shot during mid-day traffic. Its like being in Cleveland all over again, where you think yer stuck in Sunday morning perpetually.

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