Monday, November 20, 2006

Final Roadwarrior Night, Podcast Production...

Tonight, Deo Gratias, is my last night on the road. Its been rough and I can tell that even now I am quickly crashing towards my comfy hotel bed.

My friend Manny has lent me his Sony minidisc which I have used to record and audio track for my first podcast. Yes, thats right, a podcast. Its actually just one of two podcasts that I want to produce. This one is oriented towards my friends and perhaps blog readers (we'll see how it goes). The other could be as a project to encourage alumni involvement with my Fraternity.

There will be of course some religious talk in my first feed but it won't be all about that. Generally, this space is for my religious musings and I'd like to keep them as separate entities. Although who knows, perhaps an eventual merger of the two media could work depending on how they each develop over time.

For that matter however - there is a big difference between print, web, audio, and video media. I certainly wouldn't want to just read this blog over a microphone and slap it up there as a podcast. Nor would I want to take dictation for myself to type out here on Absolutely No Spin. They are just too different.

So we'll see and if this thing actually works then I'll place a little subscribe button in my sidebar. But hold yer horses cause I haven't even uploaded the thing yet...:-)

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Timothy said...

As an adobe whore, I recomend adobe audition for audio editing for podcasting. It's very intence for editing, but it's simple to run (all geeks want powerful tools and presets they can use at any time). If you need a training video on it, i can get one for you. In fact search Audition and Podcast and you'll find dozens of websites that recommend and show you how to edit it.

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