Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Luther: Raging Pacifist

That Lutheran minister I overheard the other day was correct...they are not pacifists, or at least their beginnings are not. There is a list of less than nice quotes from Martin Luther, the raging pacifist. :-) Take a look at this quote from him:

Having sparked a revolution, Luther noted; one "cannot meet a rebel with reason: your best answer is to punch him in the face until he has a bloody nose" (Paul Johnson, "A History of Christianity", page 283).

and another...

The peasants' ears "must be unbuttoned with bullets, till their heads jump off their shoulders... he who will not hear God's Word when it is spoken with kindness must listen to the headsman when he comes with an axe." (Will Durant, "The Reformation: A History of European Civilisation from Wycliffe to Calvin: 1300-1546", page 393).

I found this through the Roving Medievalist blog, who got it from Saint Mary Magdalen, Brighton, UK, who got it from Memoirs of a Neophyte....crazy how the blogo-sphere works isn't it?

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