Wednesday, November 01, 2006

PhotoBlog: Basillica of St. Ann - Scranton, PA

Tonight for All Saints Day Mass I attended the National Shrine of the Basilica of St. Ann in Scranton, PA. I sometimes go to mass there evenings during the week because they have a daily mass at 7p.m., which is easy for me to get to. I've wanted to take pictures of the Basilica for a while now so I figured why not tonight? Once mass cleared out for the most part I snapped a few photos. Consider them practice for me, or perhaps semi-decent computer wallpaper for you. Either way, enjoy. Its a beautiful church.

The knave of the Basilica from the entrance. The first time I saw this I was amazed something like this was actually in Scranton.

This is the altar up close. Its even more impressive in person.

One of several shrines at St. Ann's. This one is just off to the left of the main altar.

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