Friday, November 03, 2006

Photoblog: Nice things in Wilkes-Barre, PA

Today was the second day for our little seminar tour for work. We spent the day in Wilkes-Barre and knew several days ago that I meant to take an extended walk throughout the city to photograph some of the nice architecture. I have spent an extended amount of time there, spending two summers in the heart of the city for music camp in high school at Wilkes University. I took organ lessons as well at St. Stephens Episcopal and have relatives in the area.

But today I went searching for cool stuff to look at for the first time as a "tourist", if there be such a thing in northeast PA. Here's what I shot:

Our seminar was in the Gus Gennetti hotel.
This is a nifty picture of the fountain from one of the lobbies.

Walking around Wilkes-Barre I was particuarly interested in the churches. I found many denominations. This was the first Catholic parish I came across: St. James. I had my iPod blaring in my ears but quickly turned it off because as you can see, adoration was going on.
I joined them.

After some prayer and reflection before the Blessed Sacarament I continued on my way. This is the newly created/renovated business district in Wilkes-Barre. A lot of people thought this was impossible, but here it is! The brand new theater is open for business and it looks great.

The First Presbyterian Church of Wilkes-Barre. I love the outside of this church. Unfortunately the inside doesn't suite my taste (all white walls...). But I know for a fact the musicianship there is first rate. They often hold the yearly Messiah sing and their music director is a harpsichordist. I also know some of the people who attend there and they are also very nice.

The Irem Temple. Looks like a mosque, but its not. We went to concerts here when I was in middle school. If nothing else its a cool looking building.


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