Wednesday, November 15, 2006

PS3 madness goes camping

Still traveling. Tonight to kill time I went to Best Buy here in Allentown. This was the scene outside. These people are waiting for the imminent release of the PS3. While they wait outside I went in an played the demo system.

The graphics are pretty. In fact some of them are amazing....until it starts moving. The slowdown is noticeable (which I was surprised at). The game play and controller style are exactly the same as the PS2 and PS1. This is essentially a PS2 with prettier graphics. All those people waiting outside Best Buy are going to unpack it and oogle at the graphics for about an hour and then realize they just bought another PS2 for $600. Suckers.

Meanwhile...the Wii launches in 3 days...mmmmm.....

In other commentary ~ while at the nearby Borders today I found a copy of the Ignatius Bible for the first time at one of those stores anywhere. I go to a lot of Borders. Perhaps this is a good sign?

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Chrissy Joy said...

The scene was the same thing here in Columbus, however it is POURING and will be for the next 2 days with snow on Friday. I just laughed at them all and their poorly pitched tents.

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