Thursday, November 02, 2006

SQPN Fund Drive - The kitten calls you!!

This week, the SQPNers have been asking for a little help with making their apostolate dreams come true. SQPN, listed in my sidebar, is a Catholic Podcasting organization which strives to bridge the gap between Catholic and Non-Catholic listeners. Listeners can enjoy podcasts about movies, TV series, Catholicism, Prayer, and just regular life. There is something for everyone over there.

I'd encourage those who like their shows and the idea of SQPN to give a little something. This apostolate has done wonders for me coming into the Church and I believe them to be a worthy cause.

Father Roderick has also given the option for listeners to adopt a show for either yourself or as a gift for another listener. I think this is a great idea.

Never listened to anything from the StarQuest Production Network? Then you are missing out. If you are not Catholic you have nothing to fear. The network, while a genuine Catholic organization, is not in any way frightening. They will not shove Marian doctrine down your throat or force you to take RCIA classes. The podcasts are fun, enjoyable, and even at times educational.

And yes, a donation was made today (however small) by yours truly.

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