Monday, December 11, 2006

Facial Reconstruction Please

Is that you Saint Paul?
(nice sword btw)

On the History Channel they do it all the time. They dig people up and reconstruct their faces using all kinds of molding, plaster, types of latex, etc. We get to see what people really looked like and the results seem amazing. Now I understand it might not be 100% accurate but it definitely has merit.

Here is a site which shows you what I'm talking about.
Reconstruction Technique - University of Manchester (Unit of Art in Medicine)

Now read this article from and let's see if you can read my mind where I'd like to go with this...

Archeologist describes discovery of St. Paul's tomb

Rome, Dec. 11, 2006 ( - At a press conference on December 11, Vatican officials described the excavations at the Roman basilica of St. Paul-outside-the-Walls, and the discovery of what appears to be the tomb of St. Paul.

Giorgio Filippi, the archeologist who supervised exploration around the altar of the basilica, explained how his team unearthed a large marble sarcophagus. Just above the sarcophagus was a marble slab marked: “St. Paul, apostle.”

It is an “incontrovertible historical fact” that the basilica of St. Paul-outside-the-Walls was built over the Apostle’s tomb, Filippi said. But the exact location of the tomb had been lost to history. In 1823, when the basilica was rebuilt after a fire, researchers were unable to locate the sarcophagus-- which, according to records on the site, was located underneath the main altar.

The latest excavations, begun in 2002 and completed late in November, uncovered the sarcophagus beneath the floor of the current building, in an area corresponding to the apse of the original basilica constructed at the direction of the Emperor Constantine.

Cardinal Andrea Cordero Lanza di Montezemolo, the archpriest of the basilica, conceded that archeologists are not certain that the sarcophagus still contains the remains of St. Paul. Filippo and his team plan further investigations, once they have carefully removed the plaster and debris still surrounding it. The cardinal explained that the archeological project was part of a large renovation of the basilica. When work is completed, the building will have a new museum, walkways for tourists, and a glass floor panel through which pilgrims will be able to see St. Paul’s tomb.

Cardinal Cordero Lanza de Montezemolo told reporters that the basilica, along with the other three major basilicas of Rome (St. Peter’s, St. John Lateran, and St. Mary Major) will now be known as papal rather than patriarchal basilicas. That announcement seemed tied to the decision by Pope Benedict XVI (bio - news) to drop the traditional papal title, “Patriarch of the West.”


Timothy said...

We'll have to wait and see, since there's much doubt that Paul is actually in that box.,8599,1569014,00.html

Read this article in Time to see why history buffs how real doubt until they crack it open and find proof, like a man who had his head removed.

Timothy said...


Here it is in two lines.

...then add on...


Matt said...

Good ol' Time. The tenor of the article is complete disdain, which is not surprising at all considering how much the staff of Time recoils when it comes to religion (nearly any) except that of sacred Relativism.

The Vatican itself has stated that the tomb might be empty or that it could be wrong.

It is going to be opened with the permission of Pope Benedict XVI and then, yes, we will see. I hope he's in there.

In fact, I'm about to rip this article up in another post...this stupid magazine is nearly always tearing down Christianity and its kinda pissed me off.

"The whole truth is generally the ally of virtue; a half-truth is always the ally of some vice." - G.K. Chesterton