Friday, December 22, 2006

No work, all play, and Acquapendente

I don't know what it is, though I can venture a guess, and will, but I am finding it difficult to accomplish much if any work today. This is worse than most Fridays when I don't accomplish much, since its:

  1. A Friday before a long weekend.
  2. The long weekend includes Christmas.
  3. I already have plans for tonight, relatively speaking.
  4. I'm waiting for a package to come via UPS, and can't go anywhere until it comes.
I didn't really need to put that into a numbered list, but why the heck not? I didn't pray my Little Office today either. No reason really, just didn't. To boot, its raining outside so my daily walk is not going to take place either. But it wouldn't matter anyway because I can't go anywhere til the package comes. Its not even my package really, its someone else's who's not here right now.

Ok so enough of my rambling. Here's a saint for today who is quite unknown, if for nothing else but for his name and location:

From Patron Saint Index:

FLAVIAN of Acquapendente

22 December

Father of Saint Bibiana; married to Saint Dafrosa. A former prefect of imperial Rome. Julian the Apostate had him branded on the forehead as a slave. Exiled to Acquapendente, Tuscany where he died in prayer.

362 at Acquapendente, Italy of the results of torture and abuse


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