Friday, January 05, 2007

January Mish-Mash Post

I have been trying to blog for a while now. My last successful post was January 1st, which was quite short. The reason I have been so silent lately is due to my busy-ness. For some reason every time I sat down with a brilliant idea (I am an impulse blogger, fyi) the phone would ring or some other problem would promptly occur that would require my attention. In fact so many topics have come to mind that I cannot go back and write about them all. So perhaps a bulleted list for us would be best.

  • Christmas Vigil Mass was extraordinarily beautiful. I meant to take one of my atheist friends (who loves early music too) but time and place did not make for the best situation. Therefore I went by myself as usual. It really made Christmas for me, moreso than Christmas Day actually. This is the first time I've been to church on Christmas Eve in probably 10 years. :-)
  • Christmas Day we went to my father's side of the family. My mom literally announced my conversion to Catholicism in front of everyone. (Stood in middle of the room, everyone was sitting, chatting...) With everyone stunned, the questions began to come. Mind you, this is the Catholic side of the family, so it was not very painful but still kind of embarrassing in the fashion which it happened. Now they all want to attend my private traditional confirmation. I just know this is going to get blown out of proportion. Truth be told, I don't want any fanfare. I just want to quietly take my place among the faithful. No party, no dinners, just confirm me and let's get on with it. Although, I am not going to uninvite anyone. I'm happy to have the Catholic family that I do and hope they enjoy the occasion.
  • I've recently found and picked up playing Scott Joplin's Rags again. In the 8th grade this book was the catalyst that kept me playing all the way til now. I'm in the process of memorizing a few of them and perhaps when I'm done I'll share in the form of a podcast or something.
  • Nancy "Crazy Eyes" Pelosi took over congress with more ritz and glitz than any other speaker ever has. Yesterday was nearly a coronation. Kinda shows you where the media is at yeah?
  • I know there is more, but I can't remember it right now. :-)

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