Monday, January 08, 2007

I really really dislike January

January is a terrible month. The holidays are over and business gets tougher. All the decorations come down and leave the barren and depressing dead trees. In fact, January to me is symbolized by those dead trees and praying for snow to make everything nicer. The weather quickly depresses me without the snow, and that is making this year even harder to deal with. The snow makes January bearable for me.

This year's temperature is fundamentally disordered. While local weathermen pretend to be delighted by the high temperature weather here in PA I sit in misery at the 50 degree readings on the thermometer. Today is a balmy 46 out yet it is sleating.

Thats right, I WANT the snow to come and bury me in my house. I WANT to take my dog out in the snow to play and then come in for hot-chocolate (sugar free of course!) This is what January is for. And as Fulton Sheen says on his show "A thing is 'good' when it does what its supposed to. That is the definition of 'good'." January is supposed to be cold and snowy. It is cold in the winter. Therefore a warm winter is not a 'good' winter. It is disordered. I want my winter. The disorder is depressing me further than January normally would.

Rain in January is like a snow-tease because it should be snow.

Tim suggests mentioning the Dems in Congress, so I will:

Not only that but the Democrats have taken over in congress. Some might notice that they have already broken several election time promises, like the 5 day congressional work week. That apparently is too much for their tired old bones. They need time to do their TV spots and practice their golf swings. Soon they will try to raise our taxes and force us to defeat in the war on terror. Make no bones about it, I firmly believe that 90% of the elected democrats are our enemies, though legitimately elected, in the war on terror. Not only are they our enemies in the war, but they are also enemies of life as well - supporting policies (along with some republicans) that make it not only possible, but culturally acceptable to slaughter innocent unborn people in the womb. But I guess we wouldn't have wanted to interfere with Hitler's precious "choice" either, would we? In that war Chamberlain was their man, and we see how that worked out.

BTW: And this is irritating though not unexpected, Nancy Pelosi is a Catholic In Name Only. She is a fake Catholic Christian, and yes, a heretic (we don't use this word often enough anymore) who's personal values are incompatible with the Faith. I shouldn't have to explain any more than this.

-enough politics-

Anyway, because January is so "bleh" I'm hoping things like television will help my boredom. That, reading, learning, hanging out with friends, and the Superbowl should get me through it. I'm going to devote some extra time to studying some theology this month and straightening up my house. This might be a good month to tackle "The Spirit of the Liturgy" by BXVI.

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