Friday, January 26, 2007

State of the Union Reaction


I am a few days late, I know. But I need to give you my reaction to the State of the Union earlier in the week. The thing I noticed, before any kind of commentary from others either on the news is that roughly 51% of congress wants us to lose, and lose big time in this war.

Insurgent Democrats have now solidified themselves as the enemy party of the United States, as was made clear during the President's speech. When talking about Victory, they were silent, pouty, and rude. They all clapped for the troops, but jeered victory with their silence. Success is met by gloom, while actual gloom is treated like candy.

The President admits this is a tough war, but its not a lost war. The media, it is also clear, is invested in our loss and has been for a long time. We all know bad news sells, so they find whatever bad news there is and report it - making nearly 100% of the news bad news. People here watch that news and think there is nothing going right, therefore we are fighting a lost cause.

How ridiculous. All it takes is a little paying attention to realize that its not all bad. I heard today that in 2006 we lost about 821 people in Iraq for the entire year. On D-Day in 1944 we lost almost 10,000 in one day. This is defeat? Who are we as a people if we cannot stomach fighting for what is right and defending our fellow mankind? Have our politics soured this much that America cannot stand united during what some see as the "dark days" of a war?

The Democrats must have us lose this war if they have any hope for success in 2008, IMHO, because they are so far gone into the depths creating despair regarding our current situation. For them to win, we MUST lose this valiant struggle. This is the situation they have created for themselves. Of course, anyone with their head screwed on straight understands the catastrophic consequences of either "pulling out" (quitting, giving up, forfeiting, etc.) of this battle in the War.

I actually hope the Democrat party will come around on this and begin to cheer our success, support the efforts, and pray for victory. If America loses this, they must realize that they will lose too. We all lose, Republican, Democrat, and Papist alike, if America loses this war.

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